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T-50 / PAK-FA
Role Fighter / Multirole
Variants PAK FA <PAC-MAN>
Operators Russia
Usean Rebel Forces
Federation of USEA
United Nations Forces
Aces/Squadrons Andrei Markov
Edgar Grint
Ater Team
Specialist Squadron
Appearances Ace Combat: Assault Horizon
Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy
Ace Combat Infinity

The T-50, also known frequently as the PAK-FA (Perspektivny aviatsionny kompleks frontovoy aviatsii, "Prospective Airborne Complex of Frontline Aviation") after the project it is part of, is a fifth-generation fighter aircraft currently under development by Sukhoi.


The T-50 emerged in the early 21st century as the product of the PAK-FA (Russian: "Prospective Airborne Complex of Frontline Aviation") project, an initiative of the Russian military to produce a next-generation combat aircraft to replace the failed MFI program from the Cold War that created the Mikoyan-Gurevich 1.44, which was cancelled in 2000 after continuous underfunding following the collapse of the Soviet Union. The competition was waged among a group of national aviation bureaus, ending with Sukhoi receiving the development contracts for the new aircraft two years later in 2002.

After the manufacturer contest, the PAK-FA was later developed in Komsomol'sk-on-Amur in eastern Russia by the Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association group, together with other companies from other regions of the country responsible for manufacturing its avionics and engines. The first prototype, T-50-1, was deployed in a taxiing test in December 2009 and performed its first flight in 2010 as the first in a series of assessment missions before its public unveiling on the 2011 MAKS Airshow. The aircraft has been stated to enter early operational capability with the Russian Air Force in early 2016.



The PAK-FA was developed in the late 20th century in the Strangereal world as an opponent to the F-22A Raptor. Prior to the impact of the 1994XF04 Ulysses asteroid, the Usean Rebel Forces was the sole known operator of the aircraft, whose nation of origin is uncertain. The most notable user of the aircraft was the Albireo Squadron's leader, Edgar Grint, who was killed in battle with Phoenix over Snyder's Top in Erusea while intending to prevent the advance of the Allied Forces towards the rebel headquarters in St. Ark during the 1997 Usean rebellion.

Real worldEdit

Assault HorizonEdit


Andrei Markov clashing with William Bishop over Miami

In the Assault Horizon continuity, the PAK-FA was secretly developed by Russia as part of an effort to develop a stealth combat aircraft to supersede the MiG-29 Fulcrum and Su-27 Flanker, able of participating in ground attack or air superiority operations while remaining hidden from radar. It possessed highly dense armor and powerful stealth capabilities, likely born from the Soviet from the research on the application of metamaterials for radar invisibility from the CFA-44 Nosferatu by scientists in Romania.

Scheduled to enter service with the VVS in 2016, two late model prototypes were handed over to Andrei Markov and Sergei Illich.

Towards the end of the 2015-2016 civil war in Russia, Markov loaded his aircraft with the last remaining Trinity missile and departed to Central America with Illich and several pilots to carry out a suicide attack against the US leadership in Washington. Markov and his men were engaged and ultimately shot down by the Warwolf Squadron and the USAF in battles through Miami and the capital before their mission could be carried out.

Game analysisEdit

"A cutting-edge stealth fighter developed from a combination of Russian Air Force technologies. It boasts top class air battle power thanks to the outstanding maneuverability it gets from its thrust deflection nozzle and its low detection properties in regards to radar. PAK-FA is an abbreviation of the Russian word for "Future Airborne Complex - Frontline Aviation." Because it is a prototype, many details such as on-board armaments are shrouded in secrecy."
Complete the campaign in any difficulty.
Speed: High
Mobility: High
Stability: Medium
Fire Power: Maximum
Defense: High
4AAM x32
QAAM x36
Experimental Weapon 1 x3
Flares x6
Color 1: Black body.
Color 2: Russian air superiority camouflage.
Color 3: Splinter camouflage with frontal shark's mouth. Andrei Markov's personal aircraft.
DLC: Akula


"The latest prototype fighter, equipped with advanced radar and high stealth capability."
Complete Survival Mission 6. Costs $162,000.
Speed: Medium
Air-to-Air: Medium
Air-to-Ground: Medium
Mobility: Medium-High
Stability: Medium
Defense: Low
MSSL x72
Advanced Short-Range Air-to-Air Missile x16
Multi-Purpose Missile x10
Omnidirectional Multi-Purpose Missile x16
Edgar Grint
Death Rave 2000



"This aircraft was created based on the plans for the PAK-FA (from the Russian for "Prospective Airborne Complex of Frontline Aviation"). It has very high stealth capabilities, and represents the culmination of Russian Air Force technology. Featuring prominent maneuverability due to a thrust vectoring nozzle and excellent stealth against radar, it boasts top class aerial combat capabilities. Currently known by its name during its design phase, the "T-50"."
Lv.1 750 C+ C+ D B+ D E+ 673,920
Lv.2 795 B B D+ B+ D E+ 63,180
Lv.3 840 B+ B+ D+ A D D 105,300
Lv.4 885 B+ A D+ A+ D+ D+ 136,890
Lv.5 930 A A+ C A+ D+ C 179,010
Lv.6 975 A+ S C A+ D+ C+ 547,560
Lv.7 1020 A+ S C S D+ B 395,930
Lv.8 1065 S S+ C+ S D+ B+ 551,780
Lv.9 1110 S S+ C+ S+ C A+ 800,280
Lv.10 1155 S+ S+ C+ S+ C S 1,158,300
Lv.11 1202 S+ S+ B S+ C S+ 2,316,600
Lv.12 1249 S+ S+ B S+ C S+ 2,063,880
Lv.13 1296 0
Lv.14 1343 0
Lv.15 1390 0
Total Credit Price from Lv.0 to Lv.15 8,992,630
Lv.1 108 126 20 N/A [1] N/A [2]
Lv.2 118 128 28
Lv.3 129 130 32
Lv.4 139 132 36 14
Lv.5 150 134 40 16
Lv.6 161 136 44 18
Lv.7 172 138 48 20 26
Lv.8 183 140 52 22 28
Lv.9 194 142 54 23 29
Lv.10 206 144 56 24 30
Lv.11 217 148 58 25 31

Part Slots

Lv.1-5 26 24 25
Lv.6-14 28 26 27
Lv.15 29 27 28
Upgrading this aircraft to these levels will unlock the respective nicknames for use at any time.
Level Nickname
Lv.3 Compound Eyes
Lv.10 Aquila
Lv.15 Hero of the Russian Federation


  • Default
  • Event Skin #01



  • Both Illich and Markov (Especially the latter one) are capable of doing two counter-maneuvers that the player is incapable of doing. The first that can be described as a half Kulbit where Markov/Illich turn their PAK-FA directly towards the player often damaging the players aircraft with their Machine Gun. The other which is the Cobra turn, an advanced version of the Cobra Maneuver which is performed by tilting the nose upwards and then yawing right and heading back towards the player.
  • Also, Markov can release a salvo of 4 missiles with capabilities resembling 4AAM and QAAM that can fly backwards towards the player in the final battle between Warwolf 1 and Markov. These missiles are often impossible to evade even with flares. The best way to evade these missiles is to have Markov fire a salvo, disengage DFM and quickly reengage DFM before Markov slips away. However, if used excessively Markov aircraft will start to fly aggressively to such a degree it could cause the player to crash. As well, while engaging Markov in DFM, the player could use his evasion against him: When Markov turns, the player will follow, and usually, Markov pulls tight turns. These tight turns can allow the missiles to loose track of the player.
  • The jet model used in Assault Horizon features instruments that in real life are solely use for testing the prototype, such as the extension on the nose tip and the many pitot tubes. The real production aircraft will likely lack most of these instruments, as they provide no benefit in combat.


  1. The aircraft's second Special Weapon in Infinity is not available until the aircraft is Lv.4 or higher.
  2. The aircraft's third Special Weapon in Infinity is not available until the aircraft is Lv.7 or higher.

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