"I fight for peace, that's what I'm up here for."
― PJ during Operation Battle-Axe

Second Lieutenant Patrick James Beckett, TAC name[1] and common nickname PJ, was a mercenary pilot who served in the Belkan War. He was originally assigned to the Ustio Air Force 6th Air Division's Crow Team; however, following Operation Ravage, he was officially transferred to the Galm Team.

As part of Galm Team, PJ flew under the position of "Galm 2" with Cipher as his flight lead. He was killed[1] by Larry Foulke on December 31, 1995 over Avalon Dam, Belka during Operation Point Blank.


Early life

Shortly after graduating high school in 1991, PJ embarked on a journey across Osea on a motorbike. While on this journey, he met a highly-renowned Osean Air Defense Force pilot who was about to retire. Inspired by this pilot, PJ immediately applied to be a mercenary and entered flight school upon returning from his trip.[1]

By December 1994, PJ officially joined Crow Team, which was stationed at Valais Air Base in Ustio at the time. Here, he met his future girlfriend, who had been stationed at the base for a year. PJ's first record of flight was during an unknown conflict on December 31, 1994.[1]

Belkan War

At the outbreak of the Belkan War, PJ - along with the rest of Crow Team and Valais Air Base - was assigned to the Allied Forces. It is likely that PJ took part in battles throughout the conflict, but his first known battle in the war was assisting Galm Team in destroying the Excalibur laser weapon during Operation Judgment.[2]

Crow Team was later called to assist the Allied Forces during their offensive into Area B7R. PJ reported that he had "never been in an aerial battle of this scope before."[3] It was here he pronounced that eventual peace was his desire for fighting, although Larry Foulke, then serving as Galm 2, ridiculed his ironic ideals when he was shooting down people and trying to make peace at the same time.[3]

PJ became one of the Ustian pilots involved in the carpet bombing of Hoffnung, where he verbally clashed with Foulke over the Allied bombers' indiscriminate attack.[4] PJ - along with Crow and Galm Teams - was dispatched on June 6 to assist the Allied siege of Sudentor during Operation Ravage. The mercenaries stopped a Belkan bomber squadron armed with nuclear weapons, but failed to prevent the nuclear detonations across the Waldreich Mountains.[5]

AWWNB insurgency

PJ getting shot down

PJ's final moments

After Foulke's disappearance over Waldreich, Patrick was reassigned as Cipher's wingman.[6] He accompanied Cipher on various operations against Belkan troops rebelling against the country's surrender to Osea,[6][7] and the entirety of the A World With No Boundaries uprising. After the destruction of the XB-0 Hresvelgr on December 25, he intercepted an encrypted message from Foulke himself, reacting with shock upon realizing the message's sender.[8]

On December 31, exactly one year after his first battle, PJ accompanied Cipher on their final suppression of the AWWNB uprising during the attack on Avalon. He and Cipher flew through the Mund Valley and destroyed the V2 missile's control systems, preventing the launch of the weapon. Following this, Foulke entered Avalon airspace with the ADFX-02 Morgan and fired a laser at the two of them. PJ noticed the laser and turned suddenly in Cipher's direction, but the laser managed to strike the back of his aircraft, which crashed next to Avalon Dam, killing him in the process.[9]

On December 31 every year since, PJ's girlfriend visits his crash site and leaves a bouquet of flowers.[10][1]


  • PJ's parents run a bakery.[1]
  • PJ is a polo player[6][1] (the only Ace Combat character to mention a sport they play). Polo is typically considered an aristocratic game, due in part to the costs of caring for the horses and fields. As such, it is possible that PJ had a wealthy background.
    • PJ's other hobbies include tinkering with bikes and collecting vintage comic books.[1]
  • PJ's aircraft is available in other games:
  • As of Ace Combat Infinity, PJ remains the only plot-important wingman in the Ace Combat series whose face has not been revealed.
  • Similar to the Hangar in Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, unused lines of PJ's from within the game files indicated that he would ask the player questions such as "Cipher, what should I equip with?" and "Cipher, should I fly a sortie with this equipment?" when the player selected PJ's special weapon and prepared to sortie, respectively.



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