Ace Combat 6 Box Art North America

Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation is the first Xbox 360 game in the Ace Combat series, and the only one to take place in Strangereal. It was released in 2007, and was the first console game in the series to feature online multiplayer. Ace Combat 6 expanded on the Wingman Command system in its predecessors by adding the Allied Support feature, providing massive firepower for tough situations. The High-G Turn was also introduced in Ace Combat 6.

The single-player campaign follows Garuda Team and their fight to reclaim their homeland during the Emmeria-Estovakia War.

Ace Combat 6 pushed the envelope on graphics at the time, and is regularly cited by fans as one of the best-looking Ace Combat games. However, Ace Combat 6 was the first Ace Combat game to not release on a PlayStation device. Coupled with the Xbox 360's difficulty in Japan, the game sold rather poorly compared to other Ace Combat console releases. As a result, subsequent console releases have returned to PlayStation.

In 2016, the game and all of its DLC were removed from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Players who already owned these could still re-download them, but new players will not be able to purchase anything.
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