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"My Camilla's got lots of lives left."
Butterfly Master[1]

The QFA-44 Camilla[1] (also referred to as the QFA-44 Carmilla[2]) is a modified CFA-44 Nosferatu for unmanned operations from the Infinity universe.


Creation and deployment

The QFA-44 was developed in the 2000s or 2010s under unknown circumstances from conventional CFA-44s, which were modified to operate by remote control via a low-orbit satellite network through the COFFIN system.[3] An undetermined number of fighters had their cockpits replaced with a gunmetal-colored armored canopy housing the required satellital reception hardware, and were painted in an distinctive white and blue livery. The aircraft were intended to operate with MQ-90L Quox bis escorts, but retained the ability to engage in combat if so desired.

In 2019, the Camilla was remotely flown by the Butterfly Master under the USEA Federation's command in several missions against the United Nations, beginning with the oversight of an MQ-90 Quox attack on Tokyo in May 1. In August 10, the aircraft and a squadron of MQ-90Ls drones sortied from an Aigaion-class heavy command cruiser over the city during Operation Override and proceeded to engage United Nations Forces fighters towards the end of the battle.[4]

Despite losing several Quoxes to UNF pilots, the surviving aircraft killed Slash of the Ridgeback Squadron as he bailed out from his ASF-X Shinden II, leading an enraged Edge to charge at Camilla singlehandedly. The fighter lost its defenders and battled the Ridgebacks and Bone Arrow Squadron before being shot down by Reaper, whose teammate Omega noted the extreme flight patterns adopted by the aircraft.[4]

Eurasian war

In May 2020, a second QFA-44 was flown by Camilla in an USEA air incursion from South America flying towards the Western United States, bearing an increased combat ability and MQ-90Ls with revised flight paths. The aircraft was engaged and destroyed once more by Reaper in a battle over Area B7R in Nevada, who had assumed the role of Bone Arrow's leader after the battle of Tokyo.

The full name of the aircraft and the existence of the COFFIN system were discovered by Arrows Air Defense and Security after interrogating members of the Ater Squadron shot down over B7R. An operation to destroy the satellite network behind COFFIN was proposed by the company, but was not launched over opposition posed by South America.[5]

Following this, the QFA-44 was observed and engaged multiple times by mercenaries over various locations, including Moscow, Turkey and the Adriatics.



  • The aircraft is named both "Camilla" and "Carmilla" once each. Given that its remote controller is named Camilla, the wiki displays that spelling first.
  • The name Carmilla comes from a character of the same name, a female vampire and primary character of the eponymous 1871 book by English author Sheridan Le Fanu. The name is a dual allusion to the CFA-44's namesake, the 1922 film Nosferatu, an unauthorized adaptation of Bram Stoker's novel Dracula, which was released 26 years after Carmilla.
  • The design of the QFA-44 is a slightly modified version of the CFA-44 -PROTOTYPE- paint scheme. The nose was made silver and the paint scheme has been changed to white and blue.


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