The Quox Armored Battalion is a well known Republic of Emmeria Army tank battalion. Its official name is "3rd Corps 1st Brigade 4th Armored Battalion". The leader is Anthony Doyle.

Anean Continental War

Quox saw more action during the Emmeria-Estovakia War than most other Emmerian ground units. After the Estovakian blitzkrieg, Quox was able to escape to Khesed Island, even though the Estovakian Navy controlled the seas. It then took part in the first Emmerian offensive operation of the war, the Battle of Sipli Field. Quox then went on to attack Bartolomeo Fortress and helped capture it, removing the last Estovakian soldiers from Khesed. Quox then went on to invade Ortara during the amphibious landing on the Emmerian mainland. Quox kept pushing, and drove through Selumna Peak, surviving attacks by Estovakian Air Force XB-70 Valkyrie supersonic bombers.

After that, Quox stayed out of the fighting for a time. It's tanks reappeared in the Moloch Desert, attacking the air base. Their last battle in the war was recapturing Gracemaria taking back the capital building. Their fate after the war is unknown.


The name of the battalion, Quox, is a reference to Namco's Tower Of Druaga series. Quoxes were dragons that served as one of the enemy types in the series.

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