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The R-103 Delphinus #3 is a cutting-edge fighter aircraft designed by Neucom Incorporated.


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The final expression of Neucom's famous R-10X aircraft line, the R-103 Delphinus #3 fuses the latest aviation technologies, such as energy weaponry and the COFFIN system, while including substantial upgrades over the previous models, such as a multi-wing airframe that greatly increases its maneuverability and state-of-the-art engines which give it an unprecedented advantage in terms of performance over other aircraft of its age.

In the year 2040, the R-103 passed its test phases and mass-production was started. The plane saw action during the Intercorporate War, and proved to be a little superior to other high-end aircraft of its era in some areas, like the F-22C Raptor II. Cynthia Fitzgerald of the NEU replaced her R-102-C with the new model in order to keep her combat edge. As well, the insurgent Ouroboros group fielded black-coloured R-103s, serving as escorts of the group's forward base, the UI-4053 Sphyrna.


Cynthia's R-103-C


  • Length: 20.66m
  • Wingspan: 13.80m
  • Height: 4.90m
  • Weight: 10,040 kg
  • Max speed: 4,290 km/h
  • Class: Advanced fighter


  • Heavy Machine Gun
  • Cannon
  • Pulse Laser
  • Standard Missiles
  • MIRV


  • Power: 100
  • Attack: 90
  • Defense: 50
  • Stability: 80
  • Mobility: 70