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The R-505U is only used by high ranking UPEO or Neo United Nations personnel. Made especially by Neucom Inc. for the Neo United Nations, the R-505U is thought to be one of a kind since no other models of its kind have been seen in service.

It is based on the Aérospatiale Concorde's air frame, but it is heavily modified to make it even faster than the Concorde itself; plus, it's fuselage is almost twice the length of the Concorde. The engines have been heavily modified by Neucom's best technicians for maximum speed; the tail section has also been modified to handle these extreme high speeds. While the R-505U's top speed is classified, it is believed that it is the only aircraft of its size which can supercruise at hypersonic speeds (hypersonic being at or above Mach-5).


In 2045, the R-505U was assigned to a high priority mission: UPEO representative Gabriel W. Clarkson was to meet with Neucom leaders and speak with them about their aggressions against General Resource LTD.. However, it was found that this mission was a cover and that Clarkson was attempting to defect to Neucom.

Depending on what decision Nemo makes, either shooting down the R-505U and killing everyone inside it, or keeping it in air, he also determines to either keep at the UPEO or switch to Neucom.


  • Length: (estimated) 88.10 meters (289.042 feet)
  • Wingspan:(estimated) 28.11 meters (92.224409 feet)
  • Height: (estimated) 9.0 meters (29.5276 feet)
  • Weight: 408,000 lbs.
  • Max speed: CLASSIFIED
  • Class: Supercruise Transport



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