For the rating that a player receives after completing a mission, such as an "S Rank", see Clear Rank.

Rank, that refers to Military Rank, is a gameplay feature that shows up rarely in the Ace Combat series. It was introduced in Ace Combat 2, and has most recently been utilized in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown.


This feature works similarly to the "level" system in most other games, especially role-playing games. Through destroying more targets, a player will "level up" to the next military rank in the list.

List of ranks

Ace Combat 2

Ace Combat 2 works differently with the rank system from future games. The player is awarded their rank depending on how many targets they destroyed through one campaign run. Upon starting a new campaign run, they will start from the first rank in the list, Airman. To achieve the final rank, Commander in Chief, the player must destroy every single target in every single mission that they play (the only exception being some of the enemies in the final mission that respawn endlessly).

If the player receives Commander in Chief at the end of the game, the bonus attract will display the text "You're the Ace pilot". There are no other rewards related to the rank system.

  1. Airman
  2. Airman First Class
  3. Senior Airman
  4. Sergeant
  5. Staff Sergeant
  6. Master Sergeant
  7. Senior Master Sergeant
  8. Chief Master Sergeant
  9. First Sergeant
  10. Warrant Officer
  11. Second Lieutenant
  12. First Lieutenant
  13. Captain
  14. Major
  15. Lieutenant Colonel
  16. Colonel
  17. Brigadier General
  18. Major General
  19. Lieutenant General
  20. General
  21. Commander in Chief

Ace Combat: Joint Assault

In Ace Combat: Joint Assault, ranks only applied in multiplayer modes. To level up player's rank, a player needs to gain some experience points by destroying any targets as many as possible. Each rank progressively requires more experience points to obtain.

The list of ranks in Joint Assault is identical from Ace Combat 2.

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy

The rank system from Ace Combat 2 reprises in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy. The list of ranks is also identical from Ace Combat 2, but instead of being awarded a final rank at the end of the game, a rank is determined by experience points and applied to the save file as a whole. The experience points can be gained by completing missions and like in Joint Assault, each rank progressively requires more experience points to obtain. The player can continuously "farm" experience points in Free Mission and Campaign modes in order to achieve higher ranks.

The rank system in Assault Horizon Legacy is used to unlock aircraft customization parts. Although a few aircraft are unlocked through rank.

Following is a list of ranks featured in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy. The experience points that player gains are cumulative. The highest of total experience points possible to gain is 250,000 points.

Ranks Experience Points
Airman Basic Starter rank
Airman 500
Airman First Class 1,000
Senior Airman 2,000
Sergeant 2,500
Staff Sergeant 3,000
Master Sergeant 4,000
Senior Master Sergeant 5,000
Chief Master Sergeant 6,000
First Sergeant 9,000
Warrant Officer 13,000
Second Lieutenant 20,000
First Lieutenant 28,000
Captain 36,000
Major 44,000
Lieutenant Colonel 52,000
Colonel 60,000
Brigadier General 68,000
Major General 76,000
Lieutenant General 98,000
General 150,000
Commander in Chief 250,000

Ace Combat Infinity

Ace Combat Infinity utilizes the rank system with more weight, linking it to the core gameplay feature of tuning. The player will be locked from upgrades that are further on the aircraft tree than their rank allows them. Additionally, unlocked nicknames cannot be used until the rank of Second Lieutenant. However, there are no requirements past Major. Once players become a Major, the entire aircraft tree is available to them.

In addition, each rank has a certain number of "levels" that must be progressed through in order to reach the next rank. For example, there are 10 levels for Warrant Officer. Once the player reaches Warrant Officer #1, their next "level up" will send them to Second Lieutenant #40.

Players earn a certain amount of rank experience points after each multiplayer mission in Infinity. Each rank progressively requires more experience points to obtain.

During all beta test periods of Infinity, the highest rank available was Second Lieutenant.

  1. Warrant Officer (10 levels)
  2. Second Lieutenant (40 levels)
  3. First Lieutenant (60 levels)
  4. Captain (70 levels)
  5. Major (80 levels)
  6. Lieutenant Colonel (90 levels)
  7. Colonel (100 levels)
  8. Brigadier General (100 levels, added in March 2015)
  9. Major General (100 levels)
  10. Lieutenant General (100 levels)
  11. Full General (100 levels)
  12. Marshal (100 levels)

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

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