Recta (レクタ) is a landlocked country located in eastern Osea. Recta is bordered by Belka to the northwest, Gebet to the north, Wielvakia to the east, Ratio to the south, and Ustio to the west. Its capital, Cor, is located near the nation's eastern border with Wielvakia.


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In the years prior to the 1970s, Recta began to train highly skilled pilots for its air force.[2]

Sometime in the 1970s, Belka invaded Recta in an effort to expand its borders. However, Recta's skilled air force held back the famous Belkan Air Force and the conflict entered a stalemate. Belka sent in the Silber Team, led by Dietrich Kellerman, who broke the stalemate and led Belka to victory.[2]

Following the war, Belka annexed Recta's land. During the Belkan economic crisis, Belka attempted to cede some of the eastern territory to stabilize its economy, and in 1991 Recta regained its independence.[3] Recta remained untouched for the entirety of the Belkan War, maintaining its independence and staying neutral in the war.


Details regarding the history and political organization of Recta are scarce. It is known that country maintained a personal army known as the Rectan Liberation Front, as well as an air force known for its highly skilled personnel. This "quality over quantity" philosophy offset the nation's lack of available pilots.[2]


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