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"Our Air Force isn't half bad. The enemy's cowering like babies."
Emmerian soldier
The Republic of Emmeria Air Force (REAF)[1] is an aerial branch of the Republic of Emmeria Armed Forces. As a general rule, the air force relies on many of the fighters used by NATO, such as the American F-15E Strike Eagle, F-16C Fighting Falcon and F/A-18F Super Hornet. (This can be seen in some of the games' opening moments as the air force rushes to defend the capital.)

Emmeria-Estovakia War

Main article: Emmeria-Estovakia War

The REAF saw most of their action in 2015 when Estovakia invaded their country. In the first hours of the war, the Emmerian government ordered a general evacuation of Gracemeria due to a surprise attack by the Estovakian Air Force. Although the Emmerian pilots were a match for their Estovakian counterparts, they were soon overwhelmed by a large amount of fighters that the Estovakians sent into battle. Eventually, a single Emmerian ace pilot from the elite unit, Garuda Team, began to turn the tide of the war in favor of the Emmerian Air Force. After Estovakia suffered its first defeat at Vitoze, the Emmerian Air Force slowly began to reclaim their airspace and territory until by the end of the war they had achieved near complete air-superiority.


8th Air Division

Main article: 8th Air Division
28th Fighter Squadron

Known as "Garuda Squadron" or "Garuda Team", this two man squadron is part of the Emmerian Air Force, 8th Air Division. Both members are part of Emmeria's Eastern Region Air Defense and are stationed at Gracemeria Air Force Base west of Emmeria's capital city, Gracemeria. The callsigns of both members of the squadron are symbols of good luck.



15th Fighter Squadron

This squadron, along with "Garuda Team" is part of the Emmerian Air Force, 8th Air Division and are members of Emmeria's Eastern Region Air Defense stationed at Gracemeria AFB. The flight leader is Daniel "Windhover" Pollini. The callsigns of this squadron's pilots are each derived from different species of falcon.



3rd Air Division

4th Fighter Squadron

This squadron is part of the Republic Emmerian Air Force, 3rd Air Division. Sky Kid Squadron is part of Emmeria's Northern Region Air Defense. The squadron was stationed at an unnamed Emmerian outpost (possibly Peninsulair Air Force Base) at the start of the Emmeria-Estovakia War. During the early stages of the conlict, its members took part in the defense of Silvat Town and other western cities. Later, it joined up with the "Garuda Team" and fought to free Emmeria. The squadron's commander is Stephen McCarthy. The squadron's callsigns are references to a Namco Arcade game called Sky Kid, with player characters Red Baron and Blue Max.



5th Fighter Squadron

This squadron, along with the 4th Tactical Fighter Squadron, is part of the Emmerian Air Force, 3rd Air Division. It is part of Emmeria's Eastern Region Air Defense. The squadron was normally stationed at Gracemeria Air Force Base but was out on training maneuvers when the Emmeria-Estovakia War began. It later was surrounded by Estovakian forces while attempting to defend the Emmerian city of Silvat, but was rescued shortly thereafter by "Garuda Team" and other elements of the Emmerian military. The squadron's leader is Justin "Stingray" Suzuki . The callsigns of this squadrons pilots are each a different species of ray.



35th Bomber Squadron

Hammerhead Squadron is part of the Emmerian Air Force Bomber Wing, 35th Bomber Squadron. Wayne O'Neil is the squad's leader. The callsigns are based around types of sharks.


  • Wayne "Hammerhead" O'Neill
  • Hound Shark
  • Dusky Shark


Airborne Warning and Control

Snake Pit

Snake Pit is Emmeria's Electronic Support Plane. and is a member of the REAF's Airborne Warning & Control Wing, 303rd Airborne Air Control Squadron, 4th Flight. The pilot of this E-767 aircraft is Guy Stewart.



AWACS Ghost Eye

Ghost Eye is Emmeria's AWACS aircraft. He is part of the Emmeria's Airborne Warning & Control Systems. Little is known about him however, he flies an E-767 AWACS plane. The only missions he appears in are Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Chandelier.


  • E-767

Other Squadrons

REAF Aircraft List



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