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In 2015, the Republic of Emmeria Army (REA), along with their Air Force, saw most of their action during the Anean War. The very first engagements was during the defense of Gracemeria, the capital of Emmeria. Several C-17A Globemaster III transport planes dropped airborne tanks to create several ground fronts and overwhelm the Emmerian forces. But seeing a large wave of enemy forces after wave of enemy C-17A Globemaster III transports planes, the general's evacuation order was given to all Emmerian forces to leave Gracemeria and try to liberate the capital from the advancing Estovakian forces.


Emmerian Tanks

Emmerian Army Challenger II

REA Units

REA Vehicle List

Army Aviation

Other Vehicles

  • HMMWV (Vehicle)
  • MAN SX series

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