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The Republic of Emmeria Navy, sometimes referred to as the Emmerian Navy[1] is the naval branch of the Emmerian military. It consisted of various aircraft carriers, gun boats, cruisers, destroyers and warships before the war. Most of the fleet that was stationed in Gracemeria was wiped out by Nimbus missile attacks, forcing the rest of the surviving ships to retreat to Khesed Island.[2]


Ships of the 2nd Feet, including its flagship Marigold, were in the bay of Gracemeria at the onset of hostilities when Estovakian aircraft attacked the capital. The ships were responsible for engaging aerial threats over the bay while its aviation squadrons engaged targets over the rest of the city. After the first Nimbus attack destroyed Emmerian air superiority, all Emmerian forces were ordered to retreat west, including its surviving naval forces.

The 2nd Fleet would take part in the amphibious assault on Anea Continent by attacking oil fields and drawing off all enemy forces so the Quox and Warlock armored battalions could land in (almost) relative safety. During the battle, Garuda Team assisted Marigold in destroying the fleet and gun emplacements that were guarding off-shore oil rig facilities, and crippled Estovakia's oil lifeline by eliminating the refineries on shore. Later, when the Estovakian reinforcements performed a counter-attack, a squadron of Nimrod MR Mk.2 bombers and F-14D Super Tomcat fighters were sent in to destroy the Emmerian fleet and, with Garuda Team's help, the maritime patrol aircraft were shot down.

The fleet would later support Garuda Team in retaking the city of San Loma and Cavallia Air Force Base, bombarding enemy positions and sending Estovakian ships to the ocean floor. During the operation, the 2nd Fleet faced Aegis destroyers, UAVs and F-2A fighters armed with anti-ship missiles; the fleet had already lost the White Fang and another unnamed Destroyer, if Garuda Team had not shown up, more casualties would have been taken.

During the retaking of Gracemaria, the 2nd fleet would face the Estovakian naval units stationed in the capitol along with their fighter wings. Things may have not ended well for the 2nd fleet if Garuda had not shot down Dassault Rafale fighters and sunk the ships in the harbor; for the Aegis destroyers and a lone Battleship had the capacity to eliminate the entire 2nd Fleet. The 2nd Fleet would proceed to bombard enemy positions inside the city, and along the outer edges of the bay; supporting both the Warlock and Steel Gunners armored divisions by taking out Estovakian howitzers and bunkers. The fleet's radar dishes would prove useful in aiding the fighter squadrons with ESM when Strigon Team leader Ilya Pasternak attempted to eliminate the entire Emmerian liberation force by using a combination of his plane's missiles and unmanned drones.

The fate of the 2nd Fleet at the end of the war is unknown, but it is presumed that they were reinstated into the main Emmerian Navy.

Emmerian Navy Aircraft

Known Emmerian Navy Naval Vessels

Kirov-class Cruiser

Cassard-class Frigate


  • Viola


Nimitz-class Aircraft Carrier

  • Unnamed carrier


The strength of the 2nd Fleet changed from battle to battle, but the fleet did possess at least four Kirov-class battle cruisers (Marigold) with one of them as its flagship, one Nimitz-class aircraft carrier (F/A-18F Super Hornet pilot Freddie Durand is seen flying around the 2nd fleet more often; usually supporting it, so he and his squadron must have been based on that unnamed carrier after the first attack on Gracemeria), F-14D Super Tomcats, UH-9s, a handful of Cassard-class frigates (labelled in the game as destroyers) and Ticonderoga-class AEGIS cruisers, some Whidbey Island-class dock landing ships and numerous Landing Craft Air Cushions and gun boats.



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