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The Sapin Air Force or S.A.F is the airborne arm of the Kingdom of Sapin's military. The only known conflict involving them was the Belkan War of 1995, when two fighter squadrons defected to the paramilitary group "A World With No Boundaries".

Their roundel appears as a shield with a rounded bottom, featuring a checkered pattern of blue and yellow. An unknown shape, presumed to be a sun, is displayed in the lower blue square.[1]

Belkan War

During the Belkan War the Sapin Air Force fought side by side with the allied forces to defeat the Belkan Federation and liberate the captured country of Ustio. After the peace treaty the SAF fought against the forces of the terrorist organization named A World With No Boundaries, founded by the belkan ace pilot Anton Kupchenko and the OADF pilots Joshua Bristow and Anthony Palmer.


  • Suerte Squadron: A two-man fighter squadron using the Su-32 Strike Flanker ground attack aircraft, formed by SAF commander Ramos Gonzalez and Ricardo Mejia. Defeated in combat during the Hresvelgr incident.




  1. Roundel featured in downloadable Rafale M -ESPADA- aircraft. Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation

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