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Scarface One
Scarface one
Physical Description
Gender Male
Biographical Information
Also Known As Phoenix
Equipment F-16C
Depends on the player's choice.
Affiliations 92nd Special Tactical Fighter Squadron
Real World Information

Scarface One, also known as Phoenix, was a famed mercenary pilot who served in various battlefields in Usea.


His backstory a mystery, Scarface had a reputation as a soldier for hire in battlefields across the world. In 1995, he was hired by the FCU Army to battle a terrorist group that toppled the government of Skully Island, a region in south Usea. Leading a group of mercenary pilots, he led the Scarface team in anti-insurgency operations across the country, eventually destroying their headquarters and taking down an airship deployed in a desperate attempt to regain power.

After the operations in Skully, Scarface Team disbanded and Scarface himself retired from the frontlines, and settled down in Usea. Two years later, in 1998, he returned to service after being hired by Unified Command after the outbreak of the Usean Rebellion, where he was tasked with aiding them in battling armed forces across the continent that opposed the Osean Federation.

In other gamesEdit

Phoenix EF-2000

Phoenix's appearance in Ace Combat: Joint Assault.

Following a common series tradition, references to Scarface One are made in subsequent Ace Combat games. However, such allusions are minor in number compared to other protagonists, such as Mobius One.

In Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception, Phoenix appears in the special mission "Operation X" as one of the Ace Combat 2 legacy aces in an XFA-27, along with the "Z.O.E." ADF-01. The Scarface livery also appears as the Special 2 color of the Typhoon.

He also makes an appearance in the mission "Ace of Aces" in Ace Combat: Joint Assault as the 100th and final enemy aircraft. He flies a Typhoon with the callsign "Phoenix", in allusion to the insignia of the Scarface Squadron. Scarface is highly aggressive and adopts Milosz Sulejmani's flight patterns. As with the previous game, the Air Combat color is also available for the Typhoon, alongside the Ace Combat 2 colors for the A-6E Intruder and the MiG-21-93 Fishbed.


"Tower, this is Scarface One, on final approach, guide me in!" "This is Scarface One. Ball. Guide me in!" "Autopilot off." "Scarface One, roger, thank you for your guidance!"



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