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The Belkan Air Force 22nd Air Division, 4th TFS "Schnee" Squadron operated four F-14D Super Tomcat and one EA-6B Prowler. The Schnee pilots used their aircraft to their best in battle. Their tactics rely on confusing and surrounding their enemies. Their F-14D Super Tomcats engage at both short and long distances thanks to their XLAA missiles, while the entire unit is supported by an EA-6B Prowler which jams enemy radar.


The Schnee Squadron was sent to the front-lines at the start of The Belkan War. Stationed at Curado Air Base, within the skilled 22nd Air Division, they inflicted considerable damage on southern independent state forces and helped the Belkan Air Forces push towards Ustio, mainly in aerial combat. In one account above Monte Rosa, Ustio on March 30th, the Schnee Squadron encountered two squadrons, believed to be from the Ustian 4th Air Division. The two squadrons were promptly destroyed. The Schnee Squadron is accredited with dozens of air-to-air kills such as this around the Belkan borders. Throughout the war the Schnee Squadron saw much action; despite being shot down on more than one occasion. It wasn't until the Schnee Squadron entered the fray in area B7R during "Operation Battle Axe", that they encountered the Ustian 6th Air Division, 66th Air Force Unit 'Galm'. The battle ended with the entire Squadron being shot down in B7R.


Schnee 1 - Erich Hillenberand

Nationality: Belkan

Status: Alive

He lived his life as a regular pilot. He never had any great ambitions, nor was he interested in promotions or awards, earning him his title of 'Eternal 2nd Lieutenant', despite his skill & experience. After the war, he retired from the Belkan Air Force and now works as a pilot instructor in Jackson Hill Airport, North Osea.

Schnee 2 - Rudi Koch

Nationality: Belkan

Status: K.I.A

Assigned to the 22nd Air Division 4th Tactical Fighter Squadron, he was shot down and killed in action. The fighter and pilot remains have been retrieved from Area B7R. Due to the ignition of fuel and subsequent explosion upon impact, only a percentage of the fighter could be recovered.

Schnee 3 - Roald Fliescher

Nationality: Belkan

Status: Alive

While in pursuit of an Allied bomber above Lake Borden, he was suddenly attacked by a fighter of unknown origin. Despite having successfully avoided the attack, he was forced to make an emergency landing where his damaged fighter was engulfed in flames. The war ended before he had a chance for another sortie.

Schnee 4 - Kariheinz Fassbinder

Nationality: Belkan

Status: K.I.A

After the disbanding of the Schnee Squadron, he gathered up remnants of various squadrons to form his own. Known as the 901st Tactical Fighter Squadron, they remained active until the very end of the war. Just before the war's conclusion, however, he was shot down and killed in action.

Schnee 5 - Harwig Bremer

Natonality: Belkan

Status: Alive

Excelling at developing systems to disrupt the enemy's radar system via Soft Kill tactics, he was offered a position at the Osean Ministry of Technology following the war's conclusion. He continues to work at the ministry around the clock to develop even more sophisticated counter radar measures.



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