Selatapura[a][1] is a coastal city situated on the Gunther Peninsula in southwestern Usea.[2] The city is physically connected to the International Space Elevator by a bridge.


Selatapura is a highly developed port city, with a large port area and developing residential and business center. The International Space Elevator is built on an island near the city, with a long bridge linking the two together. Selatapura also features a large military presence, including an airfield and naval forces, likely as support for the space elevator.


Selatapura experienced hardships during the Continental War.[2] The city was captured by ISAF sometime between July 10 and August 15, 2005, following the liberation of San Salvacion.[3]

In the 2010s, Selatapura experienced massive economic growth and expansion.[2] The space elevator's construction further spurred on the city's economic success.[4]

The city was the site of at least one major battle during the Lighthouse War. Erusean forces seized the space elevator and engaged the international military forces stationed there, sinking a large number of warships.[5]




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