"The three of us are all that's left of our company."
Louis McKnight[1]

Serval was the 4th Tank Unit part of the Warlock Separate Battalion's 9th Tank Company in the Republic of Emmeria Army.[2]


Onset of the war

Shortly after the invasion of Gracemeria, the 4th Tank Unit was tasked with guiding refugees out of Gracemeria across a bridge. Once all the people have been evacuated, they were ordered to destroy the bridge before the Estovakians could take control of it.[1]

However, before they could do so, enemy aircraft began to attack the their position and Serval sustained heavy losses. Emmerian helicopters at the last second arrived to rescue any survivors. But by the time they got there, Louis McKnight, Kevin Hobsbawm and Donnie Torch were the only three remaining survivors.[1]

Serval Tank Company Survivors

Serval prior to the Anea landing operation

Push into Anea

En route to the Anean mainland, the survivors of Serval devised a plan to rob Gracemeria Central Bank believing that the Estovakians still haven't managed to crack open the vault. During the Battle of Ortara, they attempted to desert their unit and head for the capital but were forced to regroup with their battalion when enemy firepower proved too fierce.[3]

Liberation of San Loma

During the liberation of San Loma, Serval helped secure the city and participation in Warlock Separate Battalion's operation. The battalion engaged Oleg Battalion and managed to defeat them. Allowing the battalion to push through to the city and take part in the San Loma takeover operation. During the battle, Serval drove too far out in front of Warlock, probably to desert again. Gary Campbell attempted to contact McKnight and advised against this action. However, McKnight only responded by testing the tank's radio, claiming a malfunction and ignoring the battalion leader.[4]

Heading to Gracemeria

Whilst Garuda Team was carrying out their infiltration of Fort Norton, Serval was attempting to sneak by undetected to reach Gracemeria without the Emmerian military knowing.[5]

On the way, the tank company came across Melissa Herman and Ludmila Tolstaya and kindly gave them a ride to the outskirts of Gracemeria before going their separate ways.[6]

Serval Heist

Serval after breaking into the vault

Operation Free Gracemeria

During the liberation of Gracemeria, Serval attempted to break into the vault of Gracemeria Central Bank, but instead of finding riches, they end up finding Victor VoychekMatilda Herman and the lost statue of the Golden King. Serval strap the statue to their tank and parade it through Gracemeria and as a symbol of freedom, left their tank in the town square.[7]


  • A serval is a wild cat native to the continent of Africa.
  • Serval attempting to rob a bank behind enemy lines is similar to the plot of the 1970 war comedy film, Kelly's Heroes


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