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Silvat Town is featured in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. It is the setting for the mission Siege on Silvat. This mission is known for it's surprisingly high rate of enemies and the first essential battle with Strigon Team.


Not much is known about Silvat. It is known though, that it was a battleground for Grizzly, Barracuda, Dragon Busters, and Gavial Tank battalions as well as Sherpa Signal Battalion and Stingray. The mission was to eliminate Estovakian forces from taking over Silvat Town. Garuda Team successfully provided cover to all areas and eliminated the last of the Estovakian forces around Silvat. This made a turning point in the story and showed that Garuda Team is becoming popular by not only the military but the civilians as well. It also shows that the Emmerian Military had deep concern for their soldiers and it was the first time AWACS Ghost Eye had made real emotion in the story, shown when he joked with Sky Kid.


Siege on Silvat is widely known around Ace Combat 6 because of its surprisingly addicting song in the background. Many people have described it as "Heroic" and "Inspiring". Not only is it recognized for the song, but the well done dialogue and incredible view of the battlefield. The weather would be described as overcast with a good chance of a storm.


  • The Siege on Silvat may be based on the Siege of Leningrad during WWII as both towns were cut off from friendly forces for most of the war. Another battle it could be based on is the Siege of Bastogne when the 101st airborne and 10th armored held out until air support arrived.

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