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All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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The Stand-off at the Dead Sea is a battle that marked a pivotal point for the Emmerian military during the Emmeria-Estovakia War.


Thorn on Their Side

As the Emmerian military began advancing through the Anean Continent, they constantly suffered attacks from the other side of the continent, in the form of Nimbus cruise missiles fired from the P-1112 Aigaion, which in turn were guided by Searcher Mk. II UAVs deployed from the Aigaion. Thus, a plan was devised to put an end to the cruise missile attacks.

Firstly, they would have to set up a point to commence the invasion: the chosen point was San Loma, and the city was retaken by the Emmerians in the subsequent battle. With the first part of the plan complete, the only thing needed was further investigation of the enemy's main trump card.

Deep into the System

After investigation of the matter, it was revealed that the source of the Nimbus missiles was the heavy command cruiser itself being the centerpiece of the Estovakian Aerial Fleet, which was currently set in the Fuscum Sea. Amidst the evidence was the Aigaion's major weakness: every time it commenced refueling process, its radar system was temporary disabled, rendering early detection of enemy aircraft coming from the Aigaion's front virtually impossible.

Last Stand at Fuscum

Thus, a plan was created to destroy the Aigaion: a large air strike team, composed of the Garuda Team and other skilled pilots, would approach the airship from the front during refueling in order to catch them off-guard, then proceed with the battle.

The day of the attack, the strike team flew into the Glava Islands region of the Fuscum Sea, while the Aigaion was refueling. However, once they approached the airship, it already had finished refueling, thus restoring it's radar capabilities, and ruining the surprise element. An air battle of unprecedented levels soon ensued, with gunfire filling the sky & pilots doing their best to stay alive. In the middle of the battle, the Strigon Team, stationed aboard the Aigaion soon took off from the mothership, although the team soon was shot out of the skies. The situation began worsening for the Aigaion as it's electronic support craft and gunships fell, thus leaving the Aigaion to fight alone.

After the ship's on-board AA defenses & engines were destroyed, the ship was barely holding apart, while also opening all gun ports & firing Nimbus missiles non-stop all around the ship. It's weak point was the cockpit, although it would require a frontal attack, thus leaving the attacker vulnerable to the Nimbus conflagrations. The cockpit was soon destroyed by Talisman.

However, even with the cockpit destroyed, there was one last target left to destroy: the core of the Aigaion itself. After an attack run on the ship's front, Garuda 1 destroyed the engine core, thus leaving the Aigaion to fall into the sea, it's main airframe breaking apart.


The destruction of the Estovakian Aerial Fleet dealt a massive blow, both morally & literally, to the Estovakian forces, while encouraging the Emmerian forces. This particular feat made the Garuda Team widely known to allies & enemies alike.


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