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For the Stonehenge from Ace Combat 04, see Stonehenge Turret Network (Strangereal).
Stonehenge Turret Network
STN Infinity 2
Technical Information
Manufacturer Various nations in the world
Function Asteroid interception, anti-air
Historical Information
Creation 1994 - 1999
Operators China, United States, Australia, Turkey, Namibia, Argentina
Deployment Ulysses Disaster
Destruction Type-3 destroyed in 2019
Appearances Ace Combat Infinity

The Stonehenge Turret Network is an asteroid interception railgun network constructed in various places on Earth to protect the planet during the Ulysses Disaster.


Six Stonehenge facilities were constructed:[1]

  • Type-0 in China (a test unit)
  • Type-1 in the United States
  • Type-2 in Australia
  • Type-3 in Turkey
  • Type-4 in Namibia
  • Type-5 in Argentina

Some refer to them as Type-0, Type-1, and four Type-5s, respectively, since the latter four facilities are nearly identical.[1]


The railgun network was conceived after the discovery of over 10,000 meteors heading for the planet Earth in 1994. The world's nations decided to create multiple facilities in different corners of the world to prevent as much damage as they could.[1]

In 1999, when the asteroids made impact with the Earth, the Stonehenge facilities managed to prevent a mass extinction, but the planet was still severely damaged. 20% of it was destroyed, and there was likely a huge loss of life.[1]

Destruction of Type-3Edit

Main article: Operation Crusher

20 years after the event, the Type-3 unit in Turkey was hijacked by terrorist forces from the Iyuli region. Bone Arrow Squadron, Ridgeback Squadron, and ground units from the United Nations Forces worked together to destroy the facility. Reaper was notably the best pilot during this operation, destroying most, if not all, of the turrets.[1]



  • The network is the "real world" equivalent of the original Stonehenge Turret Network from Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies. However, while Ace Combat 04 only featured one Stonehenge, Infinity shows that six were built all around the world.
  • It is not clear what happened to the other five facilities during the events of 2019.


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