They were the elite flight squadron, chosen to protect the cannon.
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The following is a complete timeline of events in the Strangereal universe.

Medieval era

Strangereal world old

The exact years in which these events took place are unclear.

  • 1400s: King Aurelius II of Emmeria rises to quell the infighting among Emmerian vassals and foreign invasions.[1][2][3][note 1]
  • The Belkan Knights rise to power in the northern Osean continent. Their influence is widespread in the region, and their bloodlines remain a status symbol for centuries.[4]



  • Belka creates the Belkan Air Force, the first armed force in Strangereal to use aircraft as weapons of war. Other countries soon follow with their own air forces.[5]
  • The Osean War breaks out. Belka utilizes its new air force to perform destructive bombing raids with aircraft formerly used for reconnaissance.[5]


  • The Osean War concludes.[5]








  • ITTC INC is established as Usea’s government-operated telephone and telegraph company.[citation needed]











  • Dietrich Kellerman enlists in the Belkan Air Force. Silber Team is formed, and Kellerman leads Silber to break the stalemate in the Rectan Conflict, ending the war in a Belkan victory.[24][25]
  • Patrick James Beckett is born in Osea.[26]



Arkbird 4


  • Erich Hillenberand enlists in the Belkan Air Force.[10]


  • Belka begins drafting a ballistic missile defense program.[23] This would later manifest as Excalibur.[24]
  • Dimitri Heinreich enlists in the Belkan Air Force.[citation needed]


  • Joshua Bristow enlists in the Osean Air Defense Force.[13]



ADFX-01 Morgan Wallpaper 1024x768


  • The Tyumen Dispute occurs between Kaluga and Yuktobania.[23]
    • The Battle of Zhytomyr takes place.[23] Dominic Zubov participates with the Yuktobanian Air Force 9th Air Division 112th Tactical Fighter Squadron.[24] Both Yuktobania's and Kaluga's air forces suffer heavy damage; most of the remaining Yuktobanian pilots suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder, and they, including Dominic Zubov (who did not suffer PTSD symptoms), are discharged from service.[29]
  • Anthony Palmer enlists in the Osean Air Defense Force.[15]


X-02 Wyvern Blueprints
  • The Heum administration leads a coup d'etat in Romny.[23] Dominic Zubov assists Romny in quelling the rebellion.[24][29]
  • January 22: The X-02A's preliminary blueprints are completed.[23][30]
  • December 17: Due to increased military spending, Belka falls under a recession. A Federal Law Review is initiated, which allows the eastern territories of the country to secede. Belka's troops in those territories are withdrawn.[23][31]


  • Dimitri Heinreich is promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. He becomes the flight lead of Indigo Squadron as a result.[32]
  • Rainer Altman enlists in the Belkan Air Force straight out of flight academy.[16]
  • Todd Barry joins the Osean Air Defense Force. He will later join the Sorcerer Squadron.[33]
  • February 8: The northeastern Belkan territories declare their independence and establish Mons as their capital.[31][34] This would later become the country of Gebet.[23]
  • May 12: The southeastern Belkan territories are allowed to secede. The Republic of Ustio is founded in this area.[23][34] The Osean Federation is revealed to have a hand in Ustio's independence, due to interest in natural resources.[24][31]



  • Fernando Perez moves to Belka, after accepting work at a weapons development lab.[36]
  • The Osean Wizard Squadron is created.[23] Its key members include Joshua Bristow, Carlos Joaquin, and Lucio Morientes.[24]
  • Detlef Fleisher enlists in the Belkan Air Force straight out of flight academy.[19]
  • Bernhard Schmidt enlists in the Belkan Air Force.[17]
  • Dietrich Kellerman retires from the Belkan Air Force and becomes a flight academy instructor.[7][25]
  • The Belkan Air Force headhunts Dominic Zubov and pay him a large sum of money to join them. He is assigned to the secretive Schwarze Team.[11][29]
  • May: Conflicts erupt between armed nature activists and Belkan security forces in Tauberg over the construction of Excalibur. Access to the entire Tauberg area is restricted as a result.[23]
  • October 8: Construction begins on an airbase near Excalibur designed to protect the facility.[23]
  • October 8:[23] The Osean Federation announces the "Rearmament Declaration of 1990", which shifts the country's armed forces across their separate branches. In one example, Austin Winters–previously a member of the Osean Army–joined the Air Force's Sorcerer Squadron.[37]
  • October 8: Estovakia abandons offshore oil mining facilities to the country's northeast.[23][38]


Kestrel Overhead
  • July 29: The Osean Maritime Defense Force requests construction of the OFS Kestrel.[23][39]
  • August 29: Belka sells its northeastern lands to its neighboring countries, including FATO. Despite this, Belka's economy continues to deteriorate. The islands in the Five Great Lakes are sold to Osea,[23][34] and Osea proposes a joint development program to explore natural resources on those islands. Belka agrees, but the natural resources are too few in quantity.[31] Osea is revealed to have lied, and the international community condemns them.[40] Belka's economy worsens due to the program's failure, and anti-Osean sentiment begins growing in Belka.[24][31]
  • September 2: Yuktobania announces the development of the Scinfaxi-class submarines in a conference in Cinigrad.[23][40]
  • November 12: The incumbent Belkan government's main opposition, the Liberal Democratic Party, gain majority power. Over the next three and a half years, Belka abandons the separation of powers, and builds up the military to unprecedented heights. The V2 enters development. Natural resources are confirmed in Ustio, prompting Belka's Supreme Court to rule that the Federal Law Review was unconstitutional and the ceded territories still belong to them. The country's armed forces begin amassing at the borders.[23][31][note 5]
  • December 16: The borders around Belka are redrawn:[23][34]
    • East Belka's border is finalized.[24][34]
    • Gebet relinquishes some of its land to Recta.[24][34]
    • Ustio relinquishes a large portion of its land to Ratio.[24][34]



  • Konrad Neumann joins the Belkan Air Force.[44]
  • Larry Foulke loses one of his F-15C's wings during battle, but returns to base safely. From then on, he always paints one wing red, and earns the "Solo Wing Pixy" nickname.[20]


Excalibur Pic 4
  • Fernando Perez joins the Belkan Air Force's Gault Team.[36]
  • Excalibur is completed.[24]
  • Larry Foulke joins Ustio's mercenary forces.[20]
  • January: Anton Kupchenko returns to the Belkan Air Force, and he is sent to the front lines of Belka's territory expansion.[9]
  • March 21: Bernhard Schmidt, despite being hit and losing his electronic equipment, shoots down a squadron of F-15Cs.[45]
  • May 10: Detlef Fleisher shoots down three Ustio Air Force Su-27s over Area B7R. His battle skills earn him the title of "top ace".[46]
  • May 15: Fleisher shoots down five F-16Cs. His battle record earns him Belka's Silver Cross medal as well as fame across the country, and he is used as an example in Belkan Air Force propaganda.[46]
  • October: Usea's Seals Bridge University discovers an asteroid and names it 1994XF04.[23]
  • December: The Usean International Astronomical Union (IAU) discovers that the 1994XF04 asteroid—now named Ulysses—has a high probability of passing close to Earth, with a worst-case scenario of impacting the planet.[23]


March 1995

Belkan War Expansion Map
  • Anton Kupchenko and the entirety of his squadron, Gault Team, suddenly disappears without a trace.[9]
  • March 25: Belka invades all neighboring countries, triggering the Belkan War.[24][34][48]
  • March 27: Dimitri Heinreich leads Indigo Squadron into an assault on Model, Gebet. FATO's air force attempts to repel them, but Heinreich shoots down nine F-14Ds on his own within five minutes of the battle starting. Gebet and FATO fall to Belka soon after, earning Heinreich renown in Belka.[24][32]
  • March 30: Two squadrons from Ustio's 4th Air Division engage Schnee Squadron over Monte Rosa, the highest peak of the Tyrann Mountains. Erich Hillenberand, the squadron leader, shoots down six of the Ustian planes.[24][49]
  • March 30: Nearly all of Ustio falls under Belkan rule,[24] leaving only the mountain regions. By this point, Ustio hires foreign mercenaries to bolster their defenses.[34]

April 1995

Offensive Campaign No.4101 Wallpaper 1280x1024

May 1995

  • May 12: Operation Varsity: The Osean 101st and 122nd Airborne Divisions carry out a paratroop drop to capture Solis Ortus, with the help of Galm Team.[55]
  • May 13: Operation Constantine: Galm Team and the Osean ground forces liberate Directus from Belkan rule, returning Ustio to independence.[56] The national borders on the Osean continent return to their original states prior to the war's beginning.[24][48]
  • May 14–June 4: Some South Belkan cities begin peacefully surrendering to the Allied Forces. Belkan forces stationed in these areas begin a mass retreat to Sudentor. North Belka, refusing to back down, begins devising a strategy to use nuclear weapons on the Allied Forces. Wolfgang Buchner refuses to adhere to this strategy and attempts to escape the country.[24][48]
  • May 17: Operation Hell Bound: Following intel on V2, Osean forces and Ustian mercenaries begin invading Belka, starting at Mt. Ivrea, under the guise of "nuclear inspection." No nuclear ordnance is found, but the invasion presses on. Excalibur destroys some of the Allied Forces.[57]
  • May 19: Operation Dynamo: Osea attempts to capture the Schayne Plains, Belka's second line to defense. Their transport aircraft and mercenaries are attacked by Excalibur, forcing the surviving mercenaries to retreat.[58]
  • May 23: Operation Judgment: The Allied Forces mount an air assault to destroy Excalibur, involving the Galm Team and the newly-hired Crow Team. After a lengthy battle, Cipher of Galm Team destroys the weapon.[59]
  • May 28: Operation Battle-Axe: Belka attempts to reacquire Area B7R, and a large-scale battle breaks out. Galm Team enters the fray and Cipher earns the title "Demon Lord" for shooting down a large number of Belkan aircraft, securing the airspace for the Allied Forces.[60] Wolfgang Buchner successfully escapes Belka, and befriends Jack Bartlett while entering the Osean military with false papers. Both Buchner (under the alias of Peter N. Beagle) and Bartlett would later be stationed to Sand Island Air Force Base.[61]

June 1995

  • June 1: Operation Cannibal: Osea commences the bombing of Hoffnung, supported by Galm and Crow Teams. The bombers end up performing a carpet bombing raid rather than a precision-based one, and Hoffnung is decimated.[62]
  • June 5: Battle of Waldreich: Due to the Waldreich Mountains stalling the retreating Belkan forces, Sudentor remains defended by only three regiments. The Allied Forces use this to their advantage and begin an offensive on Sudentor.[48]
  • June 5: The OADF Wizard and Sorcerer Squadrons suddenly disappear.[24]
  • June 6: Operation Ravage: Galm and Crow Teams are dispatched to assist the Allied Forces in Sudentor. While en route, a squadron of Belkan bombers carrying nuclear weapons crosses their path, heading towards Ustio. Galm and Crow switch missions and shoot down the bombers, with the assistance of Belkan separatists. Despite this, Belkan ground troops[24] detonate seven nuclear devices in the Waldreich Mountains, claiming 12,000 lives. Mentally shattered, Larry Foulke of Galm Team attempts to shoot down Cipher before leaving the battle area.[63] Due to the confusion and loss of communications, Allied and Belkan forces engage in bloody conflicts throughout the area. The Belkan forces retreating to Sudentor broke through and ended the Allied Forces's assault.[48]
  • June 13: Operation Stone Age: Patrick James Beckett (PJ), formerly Crow Team's number 3, joins Cipher as Galm 2. Cipher and PJ assault a large number of unrelenting Belkan troops holed up in Mount Schirm.[64]
  • June 20: Operation Broom: The peace treaty to end the Belkan War takes place in Lumen. Simultaneously, Galm Team carries out a top-secret operation against Belkan resistance in Anfang.[65] Some members of the Belkan military, including Dominic Zubov[66] and the Grabacr and Ofnir Squadrons, go underground to escape pursuit as war criminals. V2 continues development in secret.[48] The SOLG, with no further purpose, is abandoned in the atmosphere.[51]
  • Former Belkan soldiers create a terrorist organization called the Falcons of Dawn, and begin operations against Osea. By 2005, they have performed at least seven terrorist attacks.[67]

October 1995

December 1995

XB-0 Head-On Attack
Galm 2 and Galm 1
  • December 25: Operation Valkyrie: The terrorist organization A World With No Boundaries (AWWNB) uses the XB-0 Hresvelgr–a stolen Belkan prototype–to bomb Lumen and Valais Air Base with the help of Espada Team. Galm Team intercepts and shoots down the XB-0 and Espada over the Waldreich Mountains.[24][68]
  • December 31: The Allied Forces discover AWWNB had commandeered Avalon Dam to launch a prototype V2 missile and cause mass destruction. An air assault is quickly executed:
    • Operation Thunderbolt: Galm Team shoots down AWWNB members over Area B7R on their way to Avalon.[69]
    • Operation Point Blank: Galm Team and other Allied Forces mercenaries fly through Mund Valley and arrive at Avalon. Cipher enters the dam's tunnel network to destroy the V2 control devices, while Crow and the other mercenaries engage forces in the air.[70] After all devices are destroyed, Larry Foulke arrives in an ADFX-02 Morgan, killing PJ and engaging Cipher in a duel. Midway through the battle, Foulke launches the V2, but Cipher shoots down his Morgan and the V2 detonates harmlessly in the atmosphere.[71]


Usea Today - Ulysses Crisis Page
  • Waldemarr Rald, a member of Belka's Liberal Democratic Party, is discovered to have ties to A World With No Boundaries. He and his followers are ousted from Belkan politics.[72][73]
  • Lieutenant General Blauvelt of the 6th Air Division reforms the Belkan Air Force.[72][73]
  • The surviving members of Wizard Squadron attempt to assassinate the President of Osea, supposedly in defiance of the Yuktobanian Peace Treaty. Information about the plot leaked out, and Osean Special Forces killed or captured the remaining members.[72][74]
  • Jan Voller, a POW of the Allied Forces, escapes Arkham County Prison for the first time. He will escape four additional times in the future.[75]
  • March 20: The Riass Armed Forces Chief of Staff suddenly passes away.[47][72]
  • April: Anthony Palmer is found hiding in a south Belkan city, and sent to Osea for a military trial.[15]
  • April 18: The FCU Army appoints Commander Robert Tyler as the new Riass Armed Forces Chief of Staff.[47][72]
  • April 20: The FCU President announces the existence of Ulysses 1994XF04 to the world, as well as plans to counter the asteroid.[72][76]
    • Richard Payne, Department of Defense commander, orders all overseas FCU troops to temporarily return.[72][77]
      • The 6th Fleet, including the aircraft carrier Fort Grace and Aegis ship Tea Time, retreats to its home port of Waosun.[72][77]
      • FCU troops retreat from their standoff with Erusian forces between Ugellas and Amber, forcing IUN forces to retreat as well.[72][77]
    • Secretary of State Stateson attends a meeting with other foreign ministers at the Central Usea Treaty Organization (UTO) headquarters to discuss an NMD proposal against the asteroid.[72][78]
    • In order to prevent instability from false information, Internet and mobile phone communication is restricted.[72][79]
    • Countries all over the world begin accepting refugees from Usea. Osea and Emmeria become the top destinations; Oured and Gracemeria accept the highest numbers of refugees throughout the next three years.[1]
  • April 21: Usea Today: Asteroid on Collision Course With Earth! is published.[76]


Usean Continental War beginning


March 1998

  • March 20: On the brink of defeat, the Usean Allied Forces initiate Operation Fighter's Honor, hiring the Scarface Squadron to fight back the rebel forces. Phoenix
  • March 31: AHL Mission 2

April 1998

  • April 5: AHL Mission 3
  • April 14: AHL Missions 4 & 5
  • April 29: AHL Mission 6

May 1998

  • May 10: AHL Mission 7
  • May 22: AHL Missions 8 & 9

June 1998

Stonehenge Cannons
  • June: Stonehenge's construction is completed.[72]
    • Osea and Yuktobania expressed their interest in joining the construction efforts, but could not due to post-Belkan War reconstruction.[72]
  • June: Belka sends some of its ace pilots as aggressor forces for other countries' militaries. They would form the 8492nd Squadron in the Osean Air Defense Force, and the Ofnir Squadron in the Yuktobanian Air Force.[72]
  • June: The Erusian Air and Space Administration begins development on the first X-02 Wyvern model.[72]
  • June: A Usean space probe approaches Ulysses to take pictures of the asteroid.[1]
  • June 1: AHL Mission 10
  • June 22: AHL Mission 11

July 1998

  • July: Analysis of the space probe's images reveal that Ulysses has a hollow center, and the IAU revises their damage range estimates, which now include the Anean continent. The FCU determines that Stonehenge, whose construction was completed a month prior, cannot be modified in time.[1]
    • Many citizens of Anean countries begin mass demonstrations against the FCU's decision, which jeopardizes their continent.[1]
    • Estovakia's armed forces begin developing Chandelier in a frantic attempt to counter Ulysses.[82]
  • July 7: AHL Mission 12
  • July 18: AHL Mission 13
  • July 21: AHL Mission 14

August 1998

  • August 3: AHL Mission 15
  • August 4: AHL Mission 18
  • August 13: AHL Mission 19
  • August 16: AHL Mission 16
  • August 30: AHL Missions 17 & 20

September 1998

  • September 7: AHL Missions 21 & 22
  • September 18: AHL Mission 23


ACE04 Ulysses Fragment
  • Ehren Ziegler reveals his highly-revered painting, "Demon Lord", at the Cinigrad Art Festival.[83]
  • A Belkan commanding officer reveals that Amy Pitt was a double agent for the Osean Central Intelligence Agency. She was put under Level 1 surveillance.[84]
  • February: The OFS Kestrel is handed over to the Osean Maritime Defense Force.[39]
  • March 27: The OFS Kestrel is officially commissioned.[39]
  • July 3: Ulysses 1994XF04 passes Earth's Roche limit and begins to separate into numerous fragments.[85]
  • July 8–20: The first Ulysses fragments impact the Earth.[85]
    • Usea: 500,000 people die in the first two weeks, and many more become displaced refugees. Many countries, including the FCU, begin discussing refugee acceptance policies.[85]
    • Emmeria: The country is barely affected through the prolific use of underground shelters.[72]
    • Estovakia: Due to the limited timeframe and Chandelier's complex design, the railgun was not completed in time.[82] As a result, Estovakia suffers considerable human loss and is driven into a state of economic collapse.[72]
    • Osea and Yuktobania jointly develop the Arkbird to remove the remaining space debris left behind by Ulysses. By 2008, the Arkbird has removed 80% of space debris in the atmosphere.[72][86]
  • September 3: Yoko Martha Inoue is born on the Usean continent.[87]



  • Emmeria begins sending aid to Estovakia to help the country rebuild after Ulysses. However, Estovakia's central government loses power to regional factions, which regularly plunder the humanitarian aid. Emmeria temporarily suspends the aid program.[89]
  • January 17: Simon Orestes Cohen is born on the Usean continent.[90]
  • April: Erusea stops accepting refugees, triggering the Usean Refugee Dispute. Refugees begin gathering at the borders, and Erusea moves them to camps, where disease and crime are rampant. The international Usean community is outraged and begins boycotting Erusian products. The Central Usea Treaty Organization places economic sanctions on Erusea, worsening its economy.[72][91]


  • Andrew Barry completes his prison sentence for his part in Gault Team's membership of A World With No Boundaries. He returns to Osea and works alongside Professor James Dawkins as an OADF adviser.[92]



  • Vincent Harling becomes the 48th President of Osea,[72] earning over 44 million votes.[96] His election ushers in a period of heightened peace between Osea and Yuktobania.[97]
  • The "Preparatory Agency for the Republic of Anea" is founded, aiming to merge the countries of Emmeria, Estovakia, and Nordennavic into one single "Republic of Anea".[89]
  • ISAF creates a new field HQ at North Point.[72]
  • September 19: Operation Umbrella: Erusea attempts to bomb ISAF's HQ at North Point, but the bomber squadron is shot down by ISAF pilots.[98]
  • October 5: Operation Harvest: ISAF pilots pre-emptively assault Erusian bombers stationed at Rigley Air Base.[99]
  • October 10: Operation White Out: ISAF pilots destroy Mt. Shezna radar stations in northern Usea, allowing the remaining ISAF troops to perform a mass retreat.[72][100]
  • October 10–November 7: Erusea's Aegir Fleet, stationed at Comberth Harbor, begins preparations for a naval attack on North Point.[101]
  • November 7: Operation Hunting Hawk: ISAF begins an assault on Erusea's Aegir Fleet to prevent it from attacking North Point. ISAF pilots shoot down Erusian transports and electronic warfare aircraft in the vicinity of Comberth as the first stage.[101]
  • November 19: Operation Early Bird: ISAF pilots perform an assault on Erusea's Petrochemical Complex, to freeze the ships docked at Comberth Harbor. Yellow Squadron intervenes, but ISAF's attack was successful.[102]
  • November 23: Operation Rough Seas: ISAF pilots perform a direct assault on the immobilized Aegir Fleet, completely destroying it,[72] and Erusea's invasion of North Point is halted indefinitely.[97][103]
  • December 16: Operation Blackout: ISAF pilots cripple an Erusian solar power generator plant. However, many of the pilots are killed by Stonehenge fire.[104]
  • December 31: Operation Countdown: ISAF attempts to launch a recon satellite from the Comona Islands. ISAF and Erusian pilots enter a massive furball, and Mobius 1 shoots down a group of bombers sent to destroy the facility. The rocket launch succeeds.[72][105]


  • January 24: Operation Bunker Shot: ISAF performs a ground assault on three southern Usean beaches, out of Stonehenge's radius. With the help of close air support, a beachhead is established.[72][106]
  • February 28: Operation Woodpecker: ISAF pilots pre-emptively strike against Erusian forces stationed at Istas Fortress. Despite fire from Stonehenge, the Erusians are heavily damaged, allowing ISAF ground troops to quickly take over the area and liberate Los Canas.[72][107]
  • March 14: Operation Noah's Ark: Erusian pilots attack two Air Ixiom flights (701 and 702) carrying engineers who worked on Stonehenge. Mobius 1 is sent on an emergency sortie to defend the aircraft. They land safely at an ISAF base, and the engineers provide valuable intel on Stonehenge's defenses.[72][97][108]
  • April 2: Operation Stone Crusher: ISAF launches a second aerial assault on Stonehenge. With the engineers' intel, Mobius 1 destroys the jamming facility in the center of Stonehenge, and proceeds to destroy all seven active railguns. Yellow Squadron arrives late to the airspace, and Mobius 1 shoots down Yellow 4, forcing them to retreat.[72][109]
  • May 7: Operation Blindman's Bluff: An ISAF U-2 is prevented from returning to safe territory by jammers in Gnome Ravine. Mobius 1 sorties and eliminates the jamming, as well as Erusian reinforcements sent to shoot down the U-2.[110] The spy plane brings back data on Megalith, a weapon that can drop asteroids from orbit onto the planet,[111] which is under hasty construction.[110]
  • June 18: Operation Aurora: Cruise missiles are fired towards ISAF ground troops in the north. Mobius 1 sorties and shoots down all cruise missiles, allowing the ground troops to continue their advance.[72][112]
  • July 10: Operation Firefly: ISAF launches a large-scale assault on Erusian forces stationed at San Salvacion to liberate the city. With cooperation from the local Resistance, the city is swiftly liberated. Erusian forces are pushed back to their own country, and ISAF begins invading Erusian territory.[72][113]
  • August 15: Operation Sandstorm: ISAF engages the Erusian ground troops using the Whiskey Corridor as their final line of defense before Erusea's capital, Farbanti. With the help of close air support from Mobius 1 and the other ISAF pilots, the Erusians are forced to retreat to the capital.[72][114]
  • September 7–November 25: Brett Thompson interviews several Belkan War veterans for his documentary, "Warriors and the Belkan War",[115][116] which airs on the Osean Broadcasting Corporation.[72]
  • September 19: Operation Autumn Thunder: ISAF forces lay siege to the Erusian capital, Farbanti. Yellow Squadron sorties to defend the city, but Mobius 1 shoots down all of them, including Yellow 13. Helicopters carrying some top Erusian officials are also shot down. ISAF takes control of the Erusian headquarters. The Erusian Supreme Commander is found dead in a helicopter that didn't take off, where his wife and daughter were taking refuge. Erusea accepts the terms of surrender, and the Second Usean Continental War is brought to a close.[72][117]
  • September 19–26: A group of rebellious Erusian officers takes control of the completed Megalith.[72] Fifteen Erusian flight school students seize Su-37 Terminators and paint them in the Yellow Squadron livery out of respect for their fallen comrades.[118] Megalith is quickly activated to exact revenge on ISAF.[111]
  • September 26: Operation Judgement Day: ISAF creates an emergency assault plan to destroy Megalith. ISAF's pilots are all reformed into the single, new Mobius Squadron. With support from ISAF ground troops, Mobius 1 enters the facility to destroy its power generators, as well as a large missile stored in Megalith's central silo. The entire facility is destroyed, and Mobius 1 and the ground forces escape unharmed.[72][111]
  • ISAF forms a provisional autonomous government within Erusea.[72]
  • November 30: Brett Thompson records footage around Avalon Dam, which has been covered in water once more. He also records footage of PJ's makeshift grave.[116]


  • September 20–24:[72][119] Operation Katina begins. A terrorist organization, Free Erusea, attacks ISAF across the entire Usean continent. Analysis of the continental war shows that Mobius 1's combat capabilities are equal to that of an entire ISAF squadron. As such, Mobius 1 is sent with AWACS SkyEye to quell the rebellion.[120]
  • In their final stand, Free Erusea attempts to use modified UAV X-02 Wyverns to shoot down Mobius 1, to no avail. Mobius 1 destroys the X-02s, and Free Erusea is neutralized.[72][120][note 6]



Arkbird G7 Summit
  • Osean President Harling is re-elected to a second term with over 48.5 million votes.[96]
  • August 21: The G7 Summit is held on the Arkbird.[72] Anea, the FCU, Osea, Yuktobania, Verusa, the Nordlands, and Erusea's interim government attend the summit.[86][97]
    • Topics such as global arms reduction and nuclear non-proliferation are discussed. These discussions lead to the signing of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT), as well as the Second Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START2).[86][97]
    • A resolution is drafted to address the Usean continent's refugee disaster following the Ulysses planetfall and the 2003–2005 continental war.[86][97]
  • Due to the ongoing Estovakian Civil War, the "Republic of Anea" project is indefinitely frozen, and all three Anean countries return to individual status.[89]
  • The LUF defeats the Independent Tariff Foundation and holds control of half of Estovakia. Their advance is stalled due to the sudden expansion of the front lines. The Eastern Faction absorbs the Island Coalition and the Northern Highlands Faction, leaving the LUF and the Eastern Faction as the remaining two belligerents in the war.[121]
  • The Eastern Faction takes over the oil facility abandoned in 1990 and builds a large complex there to house the future P-1112 Aigaion.[38]


  • Emmeria discontinues their aid program to Estovakia due to the country's ongoing civil war.[89]
  • The population of Osea's capital, Oured, reaches 7.65 million.[122]
  • Yuktobanian warmongers, under the Grey Men's influence, perform a silent coup d'etat and remove Prime Minister Nikanor from power. Nikanor is moved to an internment camp in the Pobeda Peninsula.[51]
  • May 19: Keith Bryan is born on the Usean continent.[123]

September 2010

Bartlett's Wild Weasel
  • September 23: Wardog Squadron, in the midst of a training mission, engages several unidentified bandits over Sand Island. Most rookies and two trainers are killed; flight lead Captain Jack Bartlett, reporter Albert Genette, and trainee 2nd Lt. Kei Nagase are the only survivors.[72][124]
  • September 24: Operation Lagoon: An SR-71 of unknown origin is damaged by Osean SAM defenses. Wardog Squadron intercept the aircraft, but are engaged by more unidentified bandits. Against official orders, Captain Bartlett orders 2nd Lts. Nagase, Blaze, and Alvin H. Davenport to shoot down the aircraft. All four escape the battle unharmed.[72][125]
  • September 27
    • Operation Gyre: An unidentified vessel is detected west of Sand Island, launching reconnaissance UAVs. Wardog Sqaudron destroys the UAVs, and are yet again engaged by unidentified bandits. They shoot down all bandits,[72] but Captain Bartlett is shot down by the vessel and forced to bail out.[97][126]
    • Yuktobania declares war on Osea.[72][126]
    • Bombing of St. Hewlett: Yuktobanian aircraft attempt to bomb Osea's naval port at St. Hewlett, including the docked OFS Kestrel. Blaze assumes temporary command of Wardog Squadron. Wardog assists the Kestrel and her carrier aircraft (including flight lead Captain Marcus Snow) in escaping the port unharmed.[72][127]
    • Bombing of Sand Island: Yuktobanian bombers attempt to destroy Sand Island. The base is heavily damaged, but Wardog begins to repel the attack. Airman First Class Hans Grimm—a trainee on base—joins Wardog Squadron. Wardog leader Lt.Col. Ford attempts to land, but is shot down. Wardog shoots down the rest of the aircraft, and Blaze becomes the permanent squadron leader.[128]
  • September 30: Operation Whalebird: Three of Osea's carriers - the OFS Kestrel, Vulture, and Buzzard attempt to rendezvous at Eaglin Straits. The Scinfaxi launches aircraft to destroy them, but Wardog Squadron and the carrier squadrons repel their attack. The Scinfaxi then sinks the Vulture and Buzzard and shoots down most of their carrier aircraft using burst missiles. Wardog retreats to Heierlark Air Force Base. Osea decides to use the Arkbird to combat the Scinfaxi.[72][129]
  • September 31: Wardog Squadron departs from Heierlark with flights of rookie pilots. Due to the rookies' inability to perform mid-air refueling, they and Wardog land at every base on the way to Sand Island.[130]

October 2010

  • October 3: Operation Silver Bridge: Yuktobanian aircraft attempt to capture—and, failing that, destroy—the Osean Basset Space Center while it attempts to launch a new laser module for the Arkbird. Wardog defends the base from attack, and the launch is successful.[131]
  • October 4: Operation Vanguard: Yuktobanian naval forces attempt to capture Sand Island. After Wardog and the rookies repel most of the attack, the Scinfaxi begins firing burst missiles. The Arkbird uses its new laser module to neutralize most missiles, but they begin to overwhelm the Arkbird and one burst missile shoots down all of the rookies. The Arkbird fires a laser on the Scinfaxi, allowing Wardog to sink it.[72][132] All Wardog pilots are promoted one rank.[133]
  • October 22: Akerson Hill Incident:[72] While on patrol, Wardog encounters Mother Goose One, a transport plane carrying President Harling, attempting to secretly fly to North Point for peace talks. Yuktobanian aircraft attempt to shoot down the transport, but Wardog defends the transport. After suffering damage from friendly SAM defenses, Mother Goose One performs an emergency landing. The 8492nd Squadron relieves Wardog,[133] but secretly kidnap the President[97][134] (and supposedly kill all other passengers).
  • Vice President Appelrouth holds command of Osea in President Harling's absence.[97]
  • October 25: Explosives hidden in a supply shipment from Earth render the Arkbird inoperable.[72][135]

November 2010

  • November 1: Operation Footprint: Osea begins planning a large-scale invasion of Yuktobania. Osean ground forces secure the southern coast of the Bastok Peninsula with air support from Wardog Squadron.[72][136]
  • November 2: Operation Hammerblow: Yuktobania performs an aerial evacuation from the Bastok Peninsula. Wardog Squadron intervenes and destroys the retreating transport aircraft over Dresdene.[137] At the same time, the 8492nd Squadron—hidden from radar—attacks a Yuktobanian civilian engineering college. Wardog is blamed for the attack, and the pilots are sent to Oured for questioning.[97][137]
  • November 4: Yuktobanian forces perform two simultaneous terrorist attacks on Osean civilians in retribution for the Dresdene attack. Wardog Squadron and the Capital District Air Defense Squadron shut down the attacks.
  • November 7: Osea performs two strike missions deep within Yuktobanian territory.
  • November 14: Operation Long Harpoon: Osean ground forces commence their large-scale invasion into Yuktobania. The Hrimfaxi, Yuktobania's second Scinfaxi-class submarine, fires burst missiles on the ground forces from the Razgriz Straits. Wardog destroys the Hrimfaxi, earning them the nickname "Demons of Razgriz".[97][142]
  • November 17: Operation Backhaul: Osea discovers a POW camp in Yuktobanian territory. Wardog supports the Sea Goblin Marine Corps unit in rescuing the POWs. 1st Lt. Kei Nagase is shot down, but poor weather forces Wardog and Sea Goblin to escape the area. All Wardog pilots are promoted one rank.[143]
  • November 18: Operation Stray Sheep: Wardog and Sea Goblin perform a successful rescue operation for Captain Kei Nagase.[144]
  • November 25: Osean ground forces invade the Jilachi Desert in a multi-front attack. Wardog Squadron assisted one of the fronts.
    • Operation Desert Arrow: In the northern region of the desert, Osean bombers destroy Yuktobania's field HQ and Osean tanks capture an airfield southwest of the HQ. A Yuktobanian AWACS is shot down during the operation.[145]
    • Operation Desert Blitz: Osean tanks capture oil facilities in the southern part of the desert, as well as a nearby airfield. The Yuktobanian battleship Upor is sunk during the operation.[146]
  • November 29: Operation Supercircus: Vice President Appelrouth holds a ceremony in November City. Wardog performs a flyby and patrols the area, but Yuktobanian aircraft enter the airspace attempting to destroy the stadium. The 8492nd Squadron attempts to prevent reinforcements from supporting Wardog. Captain Alvin H. Davenport is shot down and killed in the battle. The remaining Wardog pilots repel the attack until reinforcements arrive.[97][147]

December 2010

Cruik Fortress from above
  • December 1–5: Osean ground forces attempt, twice, to capture Cruik Fortress. Both attempts are unsuccessful due to the fortress defenses as well as AA guns and skilled Yuktobanian pilots shooting down the supporting squadrons.[148]
  • December 6: Operation Doodlebug: Osea performs a third attempt at capturing Cruik Fortress with Wardog Squadron supporting the ground forces. The operation is successful, and Osean ground forces begin mobilizing to capture Cinigrad.[97][148] While attempting a mid-air refuel, Wardog is ambushed by the 8492nd Squadron, revealed to be Belkan spies. They escape the airspace to return to Sand Island and report the incident.[149]
  • December 7: Belkan spies convince Allen C. Hamilton, the adjutant Sand Island base commander, to report Wardog as traitors. Wardog, as well as Buchner, Genette, and Davenport's dog Kirk (in Buchner's care), escape the island. The 8492nd Squadron pursues Wardog but loses them over the Solo Islands. Captain Snow and Sea Goblin help Wardog escape to the Kestrel Fleet.[97][150]
  • December 8: The OFS Andromeda picks up a secret Belkan message revealing the location of President Harling. Captain Nicholas A. Andersen—the Kestrel's commander—and Buchner explain the situation to Wardog.[151]
  • December 9: Operation Keynote: Captain Snow is assigned to the position of Wardog 3. Wardog and Sea Goblin rescue President Harling from Belkan captivity. Harling reforms Wardog Squadron into the new Razgriz Squadron.[97][134]
  • December 10: The OFS Andromeda picks up a mysterious Yuktobanian transmission. It contains coordinates to a location in Belka; a date; a time; and the votes President Harling won in his elections, indicating the message was for him.[96]
  • December 11: Operation Silver Eye: Blaze solely flies over the area in the transmission at the specified time, evading radar detection. He takes reconnaissance photos of a mine shaft as well as Belkan aggressors, including the 8492nd Squadron. They take off immediately and attempt to shoot him down as he escapes, but Nagase, Snow, and Grimm intervene and force the Belkans to retreat.[152]
  • December 12: Operation Deep Six: Analysis of the photos indicates that the Belkans were unearthing unused nuclear weapons from the mine shaft. Razgriz fires on the rock bed above the mine entrance, blockading the entrance and burying the weapons underground. The number of nukes already unearthed remains unknown.[153]
  • December 16: Operation Riverbed: The OFS Andromeda intercepts another mysterious Yuktobanian transmission, specifying a location in Yuktobania. Razgriz enters the area and discovers that a resistance group has acquired one of the Belkan nukes. Razgriz defends the resistance from Yuktobanian attack as they dismantle the nuke, and shoot down the Ofnir Squadron, the Belkan squadron hiding in the country. Captain Bartlett is revealed to have been sending the messages.[154]
Astronaut witnessing the fall of the Arkbird
  • December 19: Operation Game Bird: The Arkbird, now sabotaged by Belka, attempts to perform a nuclear attack on Okchabursk. Osean astronaut John Harvard escapes, and Razgriz Squadron shoots down the Arkbird over the Ceres Ocean.[97][155]
  • December 23: Operation Crossroad: Captain Bartlett and the "Major", alongside the Yuktobanian resistance, break Yuktobanian Prime Minister Nikanor out of the internment camp he was held in.[97] Razgriz supports Bartlett, the Major, and Nikanor in escaping to the Kestrel. The 8492nd Squadron—fully revealed to be the Grabacr Squadron—attempts to intervene, but Razgriz shoots all of them down.[156] The Major reveals that the "abandoned" SOLG has received recent development, and hands the Kestrel Fleet's personnel an encrypted disc containing the Grey Men's ultimate plans.[51]
  • December 23–29: President Harling and Sea Goblin invade Oured[157] and defeat the Osean warmongers holding power over the country, including Vice President Appelrouth, restoring Harling's power.[158]
  • December 29: The Kestrel Fleet crosses paths with a Yuktobanian fleet. Prime Minister Nikanor calls for peace, and some Yuke vessels choose to join the Kestrel Fleet, but are fired upon by the other Yuke vessels. Razgriz launches to defend their friendly ships, and an Osean fleet enters the area, firing on the Kestrel Fleet for joining forces with Yuktobanians. Razgriz sinks all forces carrying acts of aggression against their allies.[97][159]
  • December 30
    • Razgriz Squadron discovers that the Grey Men plan to use a V2 to wipe out major cities in either Osea or Yuktobania, and that it would be docked to the now-operational SOLG. The OFS Andromeda tracks the Belkan transmission link on the Arkbird to Gründer Industries, a former Belkan manufacturer in North Osea.[160]
    • Kestrel disaster: A submarine of unknown origin fires on the OFS Kestrel during Razgriz Squadron's briefing. Razgriz performs an emergency launch, and all crew abandons ship.[97][158][161]
    • President Harling and Prime Minister Nikanor hold a joint press conference at Bright Hill, Oured, officially ending the Circum-Pacific War.[97][158]
    • Battle of Sudentor: Razgriz Squadron, assisted by friendly Osean and Yuktobanian forces, performs an assault on Gründer Industries and the Osean and Yuktobanian warmongers attempting to acquire a nuclear weapon from them. Razgriz enters a large tunnel Gründer had built to connect North Osea (South Belka) with North Belka. With Bartlett's help, Razgriz destroys the SOLG control systems hidden in the tunnel. Hamilton, having chased Razgriz down the tunnel, is killed by ricocheting aircraft that chased Bartlett.[97][160] A fail-safe system onboard the SOLG programs it to fall towards Oured.[162]
  • December 31: Operation Arcadia: Razgriz Squadron scrambles from Oured to intercept and destroy the SOLG. Ofnir and Grabacr Squadrons attempt to stop them, but all members of both squadrons are killed in battle. Razgriz destroys the SOLG's core components, causing its V2 to detonate harmlessly over Oured.[97][163]


  • An airshow is held at November City. The ADFX-01 Morgan, X-02 Wyvern, and ADF-01 FALKEN star at the show.[164]



Estovakian Civil War Over
  • Osea holds a Council Meeting where President Harling announces that all documents on the Circum-Pacific War would be released in 2020.[166]
  • Emmeria's census takes place, recording the country's population at 110 million people.[3]
  • January 15–22: The LUF launches a large-scale land and sea assault on the Eastern Faction in order to end the war. The LUF initially overwhelms the Eastern Faction with superior numbers, but the latter deploys the Aigaion, Vampire Team, and Strigon Team. The momentum is reversed, and 80% of the LUF is destroyed within one week.[121]
  • The LUF retreats to western Estovakia while resisting the Eastern Faction, but suffer another defeat near the Estovakia-Emmeria border. Lieutenant General Lyes is killed in this battle, and the civil war ends with the Eastern Faction as the victor. Former faction leaders create a new central government party known as The Generals, led by Gustav Dvornik, the former leader of the Eastern Faction. Estovakia's post-Ulysses reconstruction begins anew.[121]
  • November: Estovakian Foreign Minister Isaac Arensky is attacked while trying to visit Emmeria and remains unconscious in grave condition. Some suspect former Eastern Faction members, including Prime Minister Jacob Šuker, were behind the attack. Estovakian authorities assert that former LUF members were the culprits.[89]
  • December 2: Foreign Minister Arensky passes away.[89]


  • General Resource LTD is founded. General Resource's business grows substantially over the next decade. General Resource LTD. becomes the leading company within the field of engineering sciences, software and military equipment.[citation needed]
  • Estovakia's census takes place, recording the country's population at 63.5 million people.[3]
  • February 4: Former LUF members attack a humanitarian storage facility in Vistoc in western Estovakia. Eight Emmerian soldiers were killed and 27 civilian casualties were suffered, as well as the loss of supplies for 50,000 civilians.[89]
  • July: Aces, Demons, and Ghosts: Mysterious Heroes of the Belkan Conflict is published.[166]


  • April: Yuktobanian spy satellites discover the P-1112 Aigaion and track it to the northeastern complex built in 2008.[38]
  • Anean Continental War
    • On August 30, 2015, Estovakia (led by The Generals) invaded Emmeria by taking over the nation's capitol, Gracemeria. The Emmerian Forces were pushed backwards to Khesed Island. They slowly began to regain Khesed Island and eventually reached Anea. For sometime, Estovakia occupied Emmeria from August until December 2016, when Gracermeria was liberated. During the war, the Estovakians used two different megapowerful weapons to take over Anea, the P-1112 Aigaion and the Chandelier. The Aigaion became a primary issue in taking back Emmeria. The Joint Chiefs of Staff launched a plan of action to destroy the heavy command cruiser. The plan was to retake Cavalia Air Force Base. With Cavalia AFB captured, the Republic of Emmeria Air Force received the supplies they needed. On the next day, six squadrons participated. It was a very difficult battle, but the REAF succeeded in destroying the cruiser. Now that the cruise missile attacks was suppressed, there was a good chance of Emmeria taking back Gracemeria successfully. As the time passed, the Emmerians have taken back Ragno Fortress and passed through Moloch Desert. Unfortunately, There was another block in their path. Estovakia ordered a scorched-earth policy toward Gracemeria. A WMD catalyst was heading straight for Gracemeria. This became a major problem for the recapturing. Fortunately, the Joint Chiefs of Staff formed a plan to destroy the WMD catalyst thanks to 28th Fighter Squadron (Garuda Team). The final move was taking back Gracemeria, which was a complete success. But, the war was not over. The night of the liberation, cruise missiles suddenly attacked Gracemeria. Emmerian AWACS support, Ghost Eye, discovered the launch position of the cruise missiles. The attack was coming from the Chandelier, a powerful railgun originally produced for the destruction of Ulysses, but wasn't completed by the time the asteroids hit. All REAF pilots headed for Estovakia to destroy the railgun and end the war. Thanks to the Garuda Team, the Chandelier was destroyed and the war was brought to an end. More information on: Emmeria-Estovakia War.




  • Leasath suddenly invades Aurelia without warning. Claiming that Aurelia exploited Leasath during the Civil War in 2019. The unprepared Aurelian Forces were overrun by the Leasath Forces lead by General Diego Gaspar Navarro. By mid-2020, Aurelia was almost completely occupied by the Leasath Military. Gathering what little strength they had left, Aurelia launched an out-numbered counter-attack against the Leasath Forces. Though constantly outnumbered the Aurelian Forces managed to claim victory and regain their land. During the process, they had destroyed Leasath's powerful Gleipnir and eventually retook their capital city, Griswall. This was in large part, thanks to Gryphus One, also known as "the Southern Cross". General Diego Gaspar Navarro fled to the near by Danern Straits to finish production of the 'Fenrir', a secret super aircraft. The production facility he fled to was attacked by the Aurelian Air Force strike team led by Gryphus One and destroyed, along with the Fenrir prototypes. The development of Fenrir was later found to be the cause of the Aurelian War. General Diego Gaspar Navarro has since disappeared after failing to regain power in Leasath, his whereabouts are unknown. More Information on: The Aurelian War
  • The truth behind the Leasath-Aurelian War is found, thanks to a traveling Osean Reporter, who went to the battle area for a story in a Newspaper. His name was Albert Gennette; the same reporter who worked along side the Osean Air Force 108th Tactical Fighter Squadron also known as the "Demons of Razgriz", a decade earlier in 2010.
  • Osea declassifies and releases all documents related to the Circum-Pacific War.[166]





  • Yoko begins deadcopy experiments with Dision, but she and the human version of Dision are killed by General Resource.[172][173]
  • A large number of General Resource research and development staff transfer to Neucom Incorporated, greatly expanding their potential in the years to come.[174]


  • At the young age of nine years old, Rena Hirose joins General Resource as a pilot.[171] This attracts widespread media attention, portraying her as a "tragic heroine" due to her illness.[172]



  • Due to a potential political fallout[176], especially following Rena Hirose's increased attention in the media, General Resource terminates the Darkness of Enigma project.[172] GR employees who disagreed with the project's cancellation transfer to Neucom, where they would share some development insight from the X-49 to create the XR-900 Geopelia.[176]


  • Neucom absorbs multiple telecommunications and software companies[174], rapidly progressing development on their satellite network.[172] Neucom's rapid scientific development is seen as inhumane by the general public.[174][177]


  • Neucom performs an experiment with nanotechnology, but various areas on Usea are accidentally damaged by the Nano-Bytes.[172][177][178]


  • Disputes flare up between Neucom and General Resource.[172] General Resource imposes sanctions on Neucom and begins to slander their name, further ruining their public image.[177]
  • General Resource attempt to create a geodesic dome in the Sandbury Desert. However, due to equipment accidents, the project was canceled. Neucom has since taken over the area for their biotechnology plant.[175]



  • Armed conflict begins to break out between Neucom and General Resource.[172][177]


  • Neucom completes construction of Megafloat.[172]



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