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For the satellites in the Infinity universe, see SOLG program.
"The SOLG. A military attack satellite that your country began building during the war 15 years ago, then abandoned in the peace that followed."
Nastasya Vasilievna Obertas to Albert Genette

The Strategic Orbital Linear Gun, often shortened to SOLG, was an orbital weapons platform developed by the Osean Federation in the midst of the Belkan War in 1995. The Gray Men commandeered it in the early 21st century, and attempted to perform a nuclear attack on Oured when it was destroyed by the Razgriz Squadron.



The Linear Gun was developed by Osea in 1995 in response to the Belkan Federation's attack on the continent. The creation of the weapon, involving space weapon technologies produced in the Cold War, proceeded without problems until Operation Ravage and the subsequent surrender of Belka in June 1995, at which point the project was cancelled. Since the weapon was mostly complete at that point, Osea abandoned it in orbit.

Circum-Pacific WarEdit

In the 21st century, the SOLG was seized by the Belkan Gray Men, who planned to use it as a last measure in the event of their plans concerning the Circum-Pacific War being discovered. A remote control system was installed in the underground tunnel network they built under the Waldreich Mountains, which would send an order to the SOLG to descend into the atmosphere and crash into a developed area in the case of connection being lost.

The role of the Orbital Linear Gun in the war was discovered by Yuktobanian Major Nastasya Obertas, who obtained a disc containing technical information of the SOLG and a Belkan V2 MIRV weapon secured by the Gray Men during her stay at the Shtil internment camp in the Pobeda Peninsula. When Jack Bartlett and the Razgriz Squadron rescued Seryozha Nikanor from the prison, Obertas delivered the disc to the OFS Kestrel, where it was decoded.

Deployment and destructionEdit

After an emergency conference involving Nikanor and Vincent Harling at Oured, the armies of Osea and Yuktobania launched an attack against Gründer Industries in Sudentor, where they fought the troops of the Gray Men. Following a raid by Osean Marines on the controls of the Waldreich tunnels entrance, Razgriz entered the network and destroyed the SOLG's control systems with the aid of Bartlett, fleeing to Belkan territory before its self-destruct protocol activated.

Within hours of the Sudentor invasion, the satellite received an order to crash into Oured. Its approach was detected by the Osean military, and the Razgriz were rapidly dispatched to the city. The satellite, protected by the Grabacr and Ofnir squadrons in a suicide mission, was intercepted by the Ghosts over the Bay of Oured and destroyed before it could reach the capital, disappearing in a massive explosion.



  • During ACES, the SOLG is shown to have full long-range firing capabilities as it strikes the ground forces. However, besides the Grabacr and Ofnir Squadrons, the SOLG is shown to be defenseless at close range. This was changed however in its Infinity counterpart, all of which bear multiple Tactical Laser System turrets across its barrel and ammo storage.


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