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Su-34 in flight
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The Su-32 Strike Flanker, also known by the proper military designation "Su-34" and its NATO reporting name "Fullback" is a ground attack aircraft manufactured by Sukhoi. It is the first aircraft of its type in the famed Su-27 Flanker series.

Ace Combat 5: The Unsung WarEdit

AC5 Su-32
Su-32 Strike Flanker


Unlocked at

Fill Kill Rate Gauge of Su-27 Flanker




XAGM x16


Yuktobanian Air Force

In Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, the Su-32 Strike Flanker is a mid-level Attacker aircraft. It appears only during Operation: Glory Horn, as one of the last waves of fighters to appear and attack the Kestrel Fleet.

It is unlocked after filling the Kill Rate Gauge of the Su-27 Flanker fighter (111,800 points), and costs 21,500$ credits to purchase a single unit. As a ground attack aircraft, the Strike Flanker has somewhat unbalanced statistics. It has a Defense parameter of 78 (which is rather low for an Attacker), a Mobility rating of 58 and an Air-to-Air measure of 51. However, it has a high Stability rating with 90 points and an Air-to-Ground capability with a score of 96.

It is armed with a GSh-30 machine gun, 80 MSSLs and 16 XAGM anti-ground weapons.

Paint schemesEdit

  • OS: Blue/cyan camouflage.
  • YK: Desert brown and green camouflage.
  • RZ/Razgriz: Plain Razgriz black with the emblem on the tails.

Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan WarEdit

Su-32 Strike Flanker


Unlocked at

"The Stage of Apocalypse"




XAGM x16
LAGM x14
XMAA x12


Belkan Air Force
Sapin Air Force

"A modified Su-27, called the 'Strike Flanker.' Specializing in long-range ground attack missions, this unique design includes a toilet and simple kitchen behind the pilot's seat."
― In-game description.

In Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War, the Su-32 Strike Flanker is a mid-game attacker aircraft. In the main campaign, it is used by the Belkan Air Force in the missions "Glatisant", "The Inferno" and version C of "The Final Overture", being flown by an ace pilot in every appearance. Two additional aircraft, belonging to the Sapin Air Force, can be encountered in "The Talon of Ruin".


  • Standard: Turquoise camouflage.
  • Mercenary: Solid turqouise paint.
  • Soldier: Brown and drab camouflage pattern.
  • Knight: Two-tone white and light blue camouflage.
  • Special: Desert brown and green camouflage.

Ace pilotsEdit

  • Mumie (#54)
  • Pfau (#102)
  • Feinheit (#125)
  • Suerte Squadron (#131 and 132)

Ace Combat: Assault HorizonEdit

ACAH Su-34
Su-34 Fullback



Speed: High
Mobility: High
Stability: High
Fire Power: High
Defense: High

Unlocked at

"Hostile Fleet"


4AGM x57
GPB x54
FLR x9


Task Force 108

In Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, the Su-32 Strike Flanker (now named "Su-34 Fullback") is an Russian-made Attacker aircraft. In the single-player campaign mode, it is only available in mission #8, "Hostile Fleet". It is one of the few Attacker aircraft available in the game, the others being the F-117A Nighthawk, A-10A Thunderbolt II, Su-25TM Frogfoot, F-2A Viper Zero and the downloadable Tornado GR.4.

As far as statistics are concerned, it is a high-end aircraft with all-round high parameters. Blending both power and maneuverability in a single package, it is one of the most effective air-to-ground attack aircraft in the game. Its design provides it with unrivaled mobility and speed, and it has relatively durable armor to increase its survivability in the battlefield. As well, it boasts a high Fire Power stat.

The Fullback is armed with precision-oriented weaponry, being compatible with multi-target 4AGM missiles and Guided Penetration Bombs. Its arsenal includes 324 basic missiles and nine flares.

Download variantsEdit

Ace Combat InfinityEdit

In Teaser 02, the Su-32 Strike Flanker is seen for a split second with a MiG-29A Fulcrum.

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