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Su-34 Fullback
Role Attacker
Variants Su-27 Flanker
Su-34 -Capricorn- 2 Star Aircraft
Su-34 -Alisa & Xiaoyu- 3 Star Aircraft
Operators New Russian Federation
United Nations Forces
Russian Air Force
Appearances Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War
Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War
Ace Combat: Assault Horizon
Ace Combat Infinity
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The Su-32 Strike Flanker, also known as Su-34 Fullback, is an attacker aircraft.


Derived from the Su-27 Flanker, the Su-32 Strike Flanker is a dedicated ground attack aircraft with high maneuverability. In Russian Air Force the Su-34 is intended to slowly replace the aging Su-24M Fencer-D.



The Strike Flanker had seen action in the Belkan War as well as the Circum-Pacific War.

Assault Horizon timelineEdit

The Su-34 Fullback was used by New Russian Federation forces. A number of them bombed Belyi Base until they were taken out by Warwolf Squadron.

Game AnalysisEdit


"An attacker developed based on the Su-27 with a tandem seat cockpit. It exhibits top class maneuverability for an attacker, with its agile movements competing aggressively with fighters of the same class. Thicker armor also increases its survival rate. The NATO codename is the "Fullback". Assuming attack missions over an extended period of time, the rear section of pilot seats has a basin and a simple kitchen."


Cst SPD MOB STA A2A A2G DEF Price Total Price
Lv.1 675 D+ D B D C+ D 571,200 571,200
Lv.2 717 D+ D+ B D+ B D+ 36,960 608,160
Lv.3 759 C D+ B+ D+ B C 100,800 708,960
Lv.4 801 C+ D+ A D+ B+ C+ 168,000 876,960
Lv.5 843 B C A C B+ B 215,040 1,092,000
Lv.6 885 B C A C A B+ 487,200 1,579,200
Lv.7 927 B+ C+ A+ C A+ A 420,000 1,999,200
Lv.8 969 B+ C+ A+ C+ A+ A 594,720 2,593,920
Lv.9 1011 A B A+ C+ A+ A+ 789,600 3,383,520
Lv.10 1053 A B S C+ A+ S 1,008,000 4,391,520
Lv.11 1100 A+ B+ S C+ S S+ 2,016,000 6,407,520
Lv.12 1147 S B+ S+ C+ S+ S+ 1,512,000 7,919,520
Lv.13 1194 S A S+ C+ S+ S+ 2,755,200 10,674,720
Lv.14 1241 S+ A S+ B S+ S+ 3,847,200 14,521,920
Lv.15 1288 S+ A+ S+ B S+ S+ 4,771,200 19,293,120
Lv.16 19,293,120
Lv.17 19,293,120
Lv.18 19,293,120
Lv.19 19,293,120
Lv.20 19,293,120
Lv.1 129 120 16 N/A [1] N/A [2]
Lv.2 141 122 20
Lv.3 154 124 24
Lv.4 167 126 28 16
Lv.5 180 130 32 18
Lv.6 193 134 36 20
Lv.7 206 136 40 22 17
Lv.8 219 138 44 24 18
Lv.9 232 142 46 25 19
Lv.10 246 146 48 26 20
Lv.11 259 150 50 27 21
Lv.12 272 154 52 28 22
Lv.13 285 158 54 29 23
Lv.14 298 162 56 30 24
Lv.15 312 166 60 32 26

Part Slots
These are the minimum part slots this aircraft carries at the respective levels. More can be added by repeatedly sortieing with the aircraft. Remember that a maximum of 7 parts can be equipped at any time, regardless of available slots.

Lv.1-5 22 22 22
Lv.6-14 24 24 24
Lv.15-19 25 25 25
Lv.20 26 26 26
Upgrading this aircraft to these levels will unlock the respective nicknames for use at any time.
Lv.3 Fullback
Lv.10 Borscht Lover
Lv.15 Supersonic Platypus


  • Default: 2-tone blue camouflage
  • Event Skin #01: T10M-9 camouflage
  • Event Skin #02: Light Gray body with blue trim, stabilizers and red wing tips


Ace Combat 5: The Unsung WarEdit



  • OS: Blue/cyan camouflage.
  • YK: Desert brown and green camouflage.
  • RZ/Razgriz: Plain Razgriz black with the emblem on the tails.

Special Weapons


Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan WarEdit


A modified Su-27, called the 'Strike Flanker.' Specializing in long-range ground attack missions, this unique design includes a toilet and simple kitchen behind the pilot's seat.

Special Weapons


  • Standard: Turquoise camouflage.
  • Mercenary: Solid turqouise paint.
  • Soldier: Brown and drab camouflage pattern.
  • Knight: Two-tone white and light blue camouflage.
  • Special: Desert brown and green camouflage.

Ace pilots

  • Mumie (#54)
  • Pfau (#102)
  • Feinheit (#125)
  • Suerte Squadron (#131 and 132)

Ace Combat: Assault HorizonEdit


This parallel two-seater attack aircraft is the successor to the Su-27. Boasting the best maneuvering performance among attackers, its agile performance is easily comparable to fighters of the same class. It has an increased survival rate because of its strong armor. Its NATO codename is "Fullback". Since it is intended for use in extended attack missions, the rear cockpit is equipped with a bathroom and a makeshift kitchen.


Speed: High
Mobility: High
Stability: High
Fire Power: High
Defense: High

Special Weapons

Downloadable Content



  • Su-34 is the designation used in Russian Air Force, whereas Su-32 is designated for export use.


  1. The aircraft's second Special Weapon in Ace Combat Infinity is not available until the aircraft is Lv.4 or higher.
  2. The aircraft's third Special Weapon in Ace Combat Infinity is not available until the aircraft is Lv.7 or higher.

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