For the real-world aircraft featured in Ace Combat 2, see Su-35 Super Flanker.
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The Su-37 Super Flanker was a combat aircraft from the universe of the Intercorporate War simulation.


Based on the Su-37 Terminator, the Super Flanker was the most advanced aircraft in the Universal Peace Enforcement Organization's arsenal. It was one of the first aircraft acquired by the group, being obtained along with other planes such as the MiG-33 Fulcrum SS and the EF-2000E Typhoon II to avoid accusations of a General Resource hardware monopoly.[1]

As with the original Su-37, it achieves superb maneuverability through aerodynamic features and three-dimensional thrust vectoring. It is a highly versatile machine in combat, being able to conduct air dominance and ground attack roles with ease thanks to its large fuselage. Over time, it underwent upgrades such as enhanced powerplants and canards, weight-reducing alloys and composite materials, the inclusion of arrestor hooks for carrier operations and an upgraded flight refueling system.[1]

Game Analysis

Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere

"Almighty machine It is such this both anti-aircraft-to-ground. The excellent aerodynamic characteristics and thrust polarization direction nozzle adopt high-output engine, they came to realize the mobility of high-dimensional. UPEO happened founded at the time, in order to avoid the criticism of weapons monopoly of General Resources, Inc., UPEO along with such as MIG-33, EF2000E, there is a history that has been developed based on the third-party fighter. It is superior in every capacity plane, also, easy to handle because it very balanced."
― Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere Official Guide
"Long-distance system empty positions that cloud also intercept mission. Su-27, which has been developed as a machine. Mounted made positions. for the first time adopted a fly-pie-wire method, and has a blended wing body in order to improve the aerodynamics. Estimated for the Su-27, but its excellent performance and a number of derived views from versatility, but improvement machine is born, Some of its is the Su-37 thrust for the air combat capability improvement It is equipped with a large output engine that incorporates a deflection nozzle. Also it other than a performance it can be said that an excellent aircraft that take or balance at a high level."
― Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere Mission & World Guide

How to Unlock

Japanese: Complete Scylla and Charybdis by having Fiona Chris Fitzgerald shot down.
Export: Complete ECM


  • Power: Medium
  • Mobility: Medium
  • Stability: Medium
  • Defense: Medium
  • Attack: Medium


  • Width: 22.1m
  • Length: 14.7m
  • Height: 6.32m
  • Weight: 34,420 kg
  • Max Speed:
  • Max Speed
    • Japanese Release: 3,304 km/h
    • International Release: 3,803 km/h
  • Damage Tolerance: Normal





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