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Talisman (お守り Omamori) is the flight leader of the Emmerian Air Force's 8th Air Division/28th Fighter Squadron. A cunning and deadly pilot, he was an indispensable asset that greatly affected the outcome of the Anean Continental War, as well as Emmeria's top ace pilot. He is controlled by the player.

Amongst his accomplishments were the liberation of Gracemeria, the destruction of the Chandelier, the P-1112 Aigaion, its Aerial Fleet and Strigon escorts, including a WMD transport unit which could have used to destroy Gracemeria. Also, he shot down the entire Strigon Team and their new leader, Ilya Pasternak, in his CFA-44 Nosferatu. He is currently on duty in the Emmerian Air Force.


Early life

Information concerning Talisman's past prior to the Anean Continental War is nearly nonexistent; however, it is known that he served in the REAF under the role of capital defense as the flight leader of the 28th Fighter Squadron ever since 2013.

Anean Continental War

In August 30, 2015, Talisman, alongside dozens of Emmerian aircraft, scrambled from Gracemeria AFB in order to protect the capital from the unexpected Estovakian blitzkrieg. After Talisman taxied from the runway and joined up with the other REAF air contingents, flight commander AWACS Ghost Eye noted that Talisman lacked a wingman. A lone F-16C approached from the rear of the aircraft swarm towards Talisman; its pilot, Marcus Lampert, was then assigned to fly as Talisman's wingman.

During the battle, Talisman managed to shoot down most of the invading forces, including Victor Voychek, the leader of the Strigon Team. However, he was forced to retreat due to the P-1112 Aigaion's onslaught of Nimbus missiles. Talisman and Shamrock went on to become a pillar of hope for the Emmerian forces, becoming the backbone of their push back to Gracemeria, and a symbol of fear to the Estovakian opposition.

Khesed Island

Two months after the war begins, Talisman was one of the remaining air units tasked with defending Vitoze. They shot down ten enemy bombers and numerous escorts. Several days later, they attacked Estovakian positions at Sipil fields. After driving them out, they headed towards Bartolomeo fortress, the last Estovakian stronghold on the island. Despite all its defenses, as well as the support of two Strigon members, Talisman and Shamrock led the Emmerians to victory.

Push into Anea, and Fall from Gracemeria

On January 26, 2016, Emmerian troops landed on their own soil, bent on taking it back. Talisman helped the Marigold's fleet, both tank battalions and defeated a swarm of Estovakian reinforcements. Days later, he helped liberate the town of Silvat, defeating Estovakian forces in the process, including four members of the elite Strigon Team. The war was turning into Emmeria's favor.

Weeks later, the Emmerians pushed further inland. Talisman covered Emmerian ground units at Selumna Peaks, liberated the town of San Loma, and helped bring down the Aigaion (ending the cruise missile threat), and shooting down most, if not, all the members of the Strigon Team. Talisman led the Emmerian forces against the impenetrable Ragno Fortress, flying through maintenance tunnels, supporting the tank battalion and destroying the supply lines, and doing whatever it took to capture the fortress.

Later, Talisman was sent to the Moloch Desert, pressing forwards towards Gracemeria, and put an end of the war. After supporting Guy "Snake Pit" Stewart, Hammerhead, Warlock battalion and Quox battalion, he was ordered to retreat from the airspace just, as coincidentally, the Strigon Team arrives. With his wingman, Shamrock, disobeyed orders and cut off his radio to engage the Strigon Team, Talisman was forced to engage and shoot down the enemy squadron. Displeased at the disobedience, Ghost Eye told them that they made a huge mistake and will be severely punished.

Redemption, and end of the war

Ot March 26, he and Shamrock infiltrated Fort Norton, with the goal of destroying the WMD that the Estovakians had deployed. After destroying the WMD transport unit, the duo attempted to fly home, but were ambushed by a battalion of enemy fighters. After a long and grueling fight, Talisman and Shamrock were saved by the timely arrival of the Emmerian Air Force squadrons. After wiping out the battalion, they headed towards Gracemeria.

On March 31, 2016, Talisman helped Emmerian forces take back the capital, destroying a number of Estovakian fighters and liberating the capital. However, Pasternak arrived, and challenged him to a duel. After a long and bitter battle, Talisman managed to kill Pasternak.

Cruise missile attack, and destruction of Chandelier

While doing a routine patrol over the liberated city of Gracemeria, he received word of enemy presence northeast of the capital. They quickly turned out to be cruise missiles. Talisman destroyed numerous waves of cruise missiles, further complictated by the attacking Estovakian stealth fighters. His superior flying skills enabled him to deal with the attacks and shot down all Estovakian fighters in the city.

On April 1, Garuda Team and their allied squadrons headed out to destroy the Chandelier, an Estovakian rail gun designed to intercept the Ulysses asteroids. On the way there, they received data from Victor Voychek, a member of the Estovakian Air Force. After a brutal battle, he and Shamrock destroyed all twelve cooling units, enemy air defenses, naval ships, defense fighters and the remaining members of Strigon Team. Talisman flew into the loading trench with the goal of destroying the backup cooling unit, similar to how when Mobius One took down Megalith. He flew into the barrel, destroy the core of the cannon. He escaped before the Chandelier collapses on itself. With the war officially over, he headed back to Gracemeria.



  • Talisman is an obvious reference to an object of luck. Many times he had it during the Anean Continental War. (Ex. Flying out of the Chandelier right before it explodes, being saved from a battalion of aircraft, etc.)
  • His paint scheme is an unlockable for the F-15E Strike Eagle in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon after completing the Campaign, along with the multiplayer callsign Garuda.
  • Garuda is a reference to a Hindu bird-man-like sky god.
  • Garuda One has been reported to have shot down at least 31 aces during the war, which could be a reference to Ulysses 31, an anime. Which can concur to Ulysses, the very reason to why the war started.

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