The Gauntlet is an special mission featured in Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War. It pits players against all of the Belkan ace squadrons encountered in the story.

This mission is unlocked by playing all three Ace Style variants of The Round Table, Mayhem, and The Demon of the Round Table, and is only available through Free Mission.


All enemy units in this mission are TGTs, therefore every enemy unit encountered must be shot down. The player will have 30 minutes in total to shoot down the enemies; the timer does not reset at each Mission Update.

Upon first spawning, the player will encounter the Gelb Team's two Su-37s, complete with their ability to fire backwards. They will spawn directly in front of the player.

The next two encounters are pooled from The Round Table and Mayhem, depending on how fast the player shot down Gelb Team:

After defeating those squadrons, the next encounter will be Espada Team's Rafale M and J35J Draken, spawning directly in front of the player.

The final encounter is pooled from The Demon of the Round Table, depending on how fast the player shot down Espada Team. If the player is on Ace difficulty, there is a bonus encounter.

  • Less than 60 seconds
    • Non-Ace: Wizard Squadron's four F-16XLs (in front of the player) and four YF-23As (behind the player)
    • Ace: Wizard's four YF-23As will spawn in front of the player. Mobius (in an F/A-22A) will shoot them down and attack the player, firing four missiles at once.
  • Between 60 and 120 seconds
    • Non-Ace: Gault Team's eight Su-47s
    • Ace: Wizard Squadron's four F-16XLs and four YF-23As
  • Between 120 and 180 seconds
  • More than 180 seconds
    • All Difficulties: Sorcerer Squadron's eight F-15S/MTDs

S Rank


  • The background music for this mission is "Zero", from the eponymous mission.
  • While the player's ammo and damage do not reset between the Mission Updates, a Return Line is available to the south of B7R, which allows the player to land at Valais Air Base and rearm.
  • "Mobius" (believed to be Mobius 1) is the first enemy unit in the Ace Combat series to feature the ability to fire up to four missiles at once instead of two. He is also capable of performing 90-degree High-G Turns as well as firing his four-missile salvo backwards. His F-22A also features increased armor, requiring four missiles to be shot down. Shooting him down nets the player 30,000 credits, the highest amount of any single unit in Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War.
    • Funnily enough, the player will earn more total credits if they engage the full Wizard Squadron instead of Mobius.



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