Generals Newspaper

The Generals on an Emmerian newspaper

The Generals were a cadre of high ranked Estovakian military officers that directed the Eastern Faction government after the end of the 2007-2013 civil war.


The origin of the Generals occurred in the final stages of the Estovakian civil war, when six commanders of the Eastern Faction, among them former members of the Estovakian Air Force and Navy, agreed to assume the role of directors of the post-war government with the imminent defeat of the Lyes United Front. After the conclusion of the war, they convinced the inhabitants of the country that a strict authority was required to bring stability to the nation, netting them widespread support from the populace.

After assuming power, a belief that humanitarian aid from Emmeria to the Lyes United Front during the war contributed to the deterioration of the country led them to order a military invasion in 2015, causing the Emmeria-Estovakia War. One of the Generals, Gustav Dvornik, was in direct supervision of the attack as supreme commander of the Estovakian invader force.

Following Dvornik's death in the destruction of Chandelier and the end of the war, the Generals were ousted from power in a popular revolt after the revelation of Eastern Faction propaganda exacerbating Emmeria's responsability for the state of Estovakia.


  • The Generals, as a group, is similar to Adolf Hitler, who took control of Germany by convincing the citizens that an outside group was to blame (in Hitler's case, the Jews; in Estovakia's case, the Emmerians) and they needed to build up an army again. Hitler then invaded Germany's neighbor, Poland, in a blitz attack of immense power that took the country in mere hours, similar to Estovakia's attack (spearheaded by the P-1112 Aigaion) that forced the Emmerian forces to retreat in a short amount of time.


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