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The Tu-95 Bear is a long-range strategic bomber manufactured by Tupolev. Manufactured during the Cold War, it was intended to serve as the Soviet counterpart of the B-52H Stratofortress.

Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies

In Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies, the Tu-95 Bear is a bomber aircraft employed by the Erusean military. It is first seen on the first mission, "Sitting Duck", wherein six bombers appear as the mission objective. The aircraft are escorted by a small four-aircraft squadron.

The Tu-95s then made their second and last appearance in the next mission, "Imminent Threat". This time, they are parked on the ground and have to be destroyed to pass the mission.

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

ACAH Tu-95
The Tu-95 is a bomber aircraft operated by the New Russian Federation. First introduced in trailers from Tokyo Game Show 2010, it is prominently featured as a critical target in the mission "Power Play". It is also featured in its Mission Co-Op counterpart, "Dubai".

One of the three large-scale aircraft in the game (alongside the Tu-160 Blackjack, which replaces the Bear later in the game, and the An-12 Cub), the Tu-95 is a bomber which is highly resistant to damage, requiring over a dozen of direct missile impacts and gunfire to destroy. Contrary to what its size may suggest, it is quite mobile, and can easily throw off the player's aim in Dog Fight Mode.

Most Bears are completely unarmed and rely entirely on allied fighters for self-defense purposes. A major exception to this is the final bomber featured in "Power Play", which is armed with a tail gun that tracks the player, and is capable of shooting them down in seconds at close range, making DFM combat highly risky. All aircraft are able to drop flares to defeat incoming missiles. Furthermore, the Tu-95 is one of the two aircraft with specific area health: the propellers on the wings are exposed to gunfire, and the loss of both engines on a wing will cause the aircraft to explode in flames.

Ace Combat Infinity

Several Tu-95 Bear can spawn after Mission Update in Alps Air Corridor, where they fly from west to east side of the map. They fly at very high altitude, about 20,000 feet. They also appear in the Second Wave in Emergency Air Strike, along with several escort fighters. Each Tu-95 is worth 2400 points.

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