The UI-4052 Cralias was a large air ship, similar to the UI-4053 Sphyrna, with the exception of not being a combat vessel, but a weapon itself. [1]


The UI-4052 was first sighted over Axel Bay, a large industrial city on the Usean continent in 2040. A communication from an unknown source had informed UPEO that the Crailas blimp was on a crash course with the city in order to initiate a biohazard with its biological payload. Soon after, Nemo was sent to clear a path for the UI-4052 by destroying any obstacles in the blimp's way to prevent the biological threat.

As the pilot had cleared most of the Crailas' flight path, an unidentified fighter was sighted in the area, apparently monitoring the Crailas. Nemo had destroyed many obstacles in the UI's course, such as smokestacks and even a large section of a bridge on its path. Shortly after, the Crailas crash landed into a lake, not exploding on impact. A hydrofoil emerged out of the crash site, being destroyed afterwards by Nemo.

It was believed to be the first attack of Ouroboros during the Usean Corporate War. [1]


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