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For the country in the Infinity universe, see USEA Federation.

Usea (Japanese: ユージア) is one of the main continents in the Strangereal universe. It is an independent landmass located between the Osean and Verusan continents.



The countries on the Usean continent are known for harboring historical grudges; many conflicts were fought on Usea between its people in years past.[1]

In 1953, Usean researchers developed the ITTC communications system, which allowed several parties to easily relay information to each other. The ITTC communication net-work was established in 1953 and allowed for all parties to adequately communicate and establish a stable government. As the decades passed, Usea expanded across the entire continent and many small states had been formed.[citation needed]

Ulysses 1994XF04 (1994) Edit

Usea Today - Ulysses Crisis Page

Newspaper announcing the meteor's collision course

In 1994, astronomers of the International Union of Astronomists discovered a massive asteroid which was headed straight to Earth. An special team of astronomists, physicists and geologists was created to research the asteroid, which was later designated "Ulysses 1994XF04". A year later, the universities of Shellsbridge & Comona managed to calculate Ulysses's exact trajectory, achieving unexpected results: they measured the asteroid's planetfall to occur in July 3, 1999 at 15:30 PM UST (Usea Standard Time.) From this time onward, the government of the FCU would keep all information on Ulysses hidden from the public. In cooperation with the Aerospace Society, they began researching for possible solutions to the problem posed by the asteroid, and realized that they could not make it through without the help of their allies.

In April 20, 1996, the FCU revealed the existence of Ulysses to the world. While attending an emergency conference at the USEA Treaty Organization (UTO), Secretary of State Stetson explained how the asteroid could be eliminated with a National Missile Defense system. However, many attendees expressed their worries on how the NMD could be used as a tool of war. Many plans were considered in this scenario, such as striking the satellite with interceptor missiles. At the end, however, the NMD was considered the most plausible.

Over the next months, the FCU began the development of the new "Spaceguard" weapon, codenamed "Project STN" in the country of San Salvacion. STN, or Stonehenge, was a facility built in a desert area which housed several massive railguns or interceptor cannons, which used a combination of electricity and gunpowder to fire 120mm rounds. People from many countries, such as Erusea and the Belkan Federation assisted in the development of STN. In 1998, during the development of Stonehenge, a revolutionary group known as the Usean Rebel Forces rose in arms to overthrow a government, sparking a general coup d'état. However, the rebels were crushed thanks to the response of the forces of Unified Command.

Ulysses' planetfall and aftermath (1999)Edit

In July 3, 1999, Ulysses 1994XF04 passed the Earth's Roche limit. In doing so, however, it shattered into hundreds of small fragments. 500,000 people are estimated to have been killed during the first two weeks to the asteroid bombardment in Usea, and around a million were displaced from their homes.

After internal discussions, each government began taking in a certain number of refugees. In 2000, Erusea announced that it could no longer accept any more refugees, thus sparking the Usean Refugee Dispute. The Minister of Foreign Affairs announced that the other countries expected them to receive more than the 200,000 displaced people they had within their borders, with the total number bordering the 600s. Upon visiting a number of refugee camps, the General Assembly Commissioner of the United Nations discovered that many of them were in a deplorable humanitarian situation. Many nations thus began boycotting Erusea, worsening the already sensitive political stage at the moment. For this situation, Usea's heads of state planned to form an international organization.

In August 22, 2003, the Erusian government unexpectedly deployed troops in Stonehenge, seizing the facility for themselves. The FCU set a deadline for the Erusians to abandon STN before September 14, after which a full blown military assault would be authorized.

The Second Usean Continental War (2003 - 2005) Edit

Main article: Second Usean Continental War

Erusea declared war on the ISAF and invaded San Salvacion. ISAF Forces there were caught off guard and were forced back out of the city. This was the beginning of the large continental retreat. Soon after the fall of San Salvacion, the ISAF was continued to be pushed back by Erusian Air, Ground and Naval Forces. Soon the ISAF lost control of Stonehenge and Erusea deployed it as a large Anti-Aircraft Weapon. The ISAF Air Force couldn’t operate effectively because of Stonehenge’s barrages and their Ground Force was left without Air Support and continued to be pushed back. Los Canas, ISAF’s General Headquarters, was eventually taken over. The ISAF had relocated its GHQ on the neighboring country of North Point and the ISAF Forces were pushed until they were out of Stonehenge’s range, on the edge of Usea’s Eastern Coast.

ISAF GHQ was attempting to find a way to recall their forces to North Point, in order to redeploy them at a better time, but they were currently at a stalemate. Eventually, Erusea made its move to end the War by sending a Bomber Contingent from a former ISAF Air Base, known as Rigley Air Base, to bomb the ISAF HQ at North Point. The contingent was intercepted by the 118th TFW and all bombers were shot down. The following operations which destroyed Erusea’s frontline bomber base and radar stations put the ISAF on a counter offensive. Erusea attempted to send reinforcements to the Eastern Coastline, but the airborne transport group was destroyed. The Erusian Military High Command saw the ISAF’s string of success and deployed their “Invincible” Aegir Fleet to Comberth Harbor, on the East Coast. An Invasion of North Point was planned. However, the ISAF had launched an Air Strike on a near by petrol station which temporarily immobilized the fleet, then attacked the Fleet in Comberth Harbor, destroying it.

Later, the ISAF managed to recall most of its forces and prepared for an amphibious assault, which was to be the first step in reclaiming the mainland. The destruction of a Vital Power Plant within Stonehenge’s Range and the launch of a Vital ISAF Satellite, which resulted in the Largest Air Battle in Modern History; opened an opportunity which the ISAF took. The amphibious Assault was a success and the ISAF began to push back the Erusian Forces, coupled with limited Allied Air Operations. Defectors from Erusea, many which were the creators of Stonehenge held in Erusea, contacted the ISAF and had managed to escape in two Civilian Airliners. They had agreed to work with the ISAF in destroying Stonehenge for amnesty.

Days later, Stonehenge was attacked in Operation: "Stone Crusher”. Despite losses from Stonehenge, supporting Erusian forces, and the Yellow Squadron, Stonehenge was destroyed and the ISAF’s counter-offensive had turned into an all out offensive. The Erusian forces were now in a panic attempting to re-group and activate their newest Super Weapon “Megalith”. Before preparing the push into the Erusian homeland, the ISAF worked together with local resistance forces in San Salvacion's capital city, San Salvacion. After a battle at midnight the city was liberated and the Erusians were pushed back into their own nation.

The ensuing ISAF Offensive had pushed the Erusians onto their last defensive line at The Whiskey Corridor. This battle was the largest of the War and involved the Erusian main force and the ISAF’s Main Force in the Desert. The battle was won by the ISAF and a week later, Farbanti, the Erusian Capital was under siege.

The Erusian capital Farbanti soon fell, despite the arrival of the Yellow Squadron and the war was declared to be over, however many radicals and young Erusian Officers had taken control of Megalith and were going to use it against the ISAF all across the Continent. Megalith was a large Hardened ICBM Launch Facility originally planned to shoot down passing Ulysses Asteroid Fragments. The ISAF launched a large Air Strike composed of their best pilots from their best Unit, the 118th TFW ‘Mobius’, named after the ISAF Ace of Aces.

Megalith was protected by the last of Erusea’s famed Yellow Squadron; the following battle ended with Megalith’s destruction and the War’s official end. Now the ISAF, along with Erusian governmental members began to set-up a provisional government.

The song to the end of the mission " invincible fleet," and was also sung by the residents of San Salvacion after their city had been liberated.

Post-Continental War (early 2006) Edit

After the destruction of Megalith, the ISAF and a new, Provisional Erusian Government began to stabilize the country and calm any negative parties against the occupying ISAF Forces. However, groups of Erusian soldiers and officers still resented the ISAF and denied the orders of disarmament.

As the ISAF dealt with occupying Erusea, border disputes between Erusian States began to occur and small conflicts had broken out there as well. Delarus, a small Usean Country, was a midst these small conflicts between the two parties and the ISAF deployed forces there to stop the fighting.

After a year of working with one another the ISAF and Erusian Government had made no progress with the individuals of the Erusian Military. The opposing officers and soldiers had then managed to get their hands on an old Weapons and Munitions Factory and proclaimed that the new Erusian Government was false and that themselves, “Free Erusia” would do anything to stop them and remove any occupying ISAF Forces.

The Second Erusian Conflict (2006) Edit

ISAF GHQ, now back at Los Canas, assessed the ”Free Erusea” situation and decided to fight force with force. After the Usean War, one pilot was known throughout the continent for his actions. He had been in every major Battle, destroyed both Stonehenge and Megalith, became the Ace of Aces of the Usean Continent, destroyed Erusea’s Top Ace Squadron and Destroyed the Invincible Aegir Fleet. After the war, his combat effectiveness was evaluated and this pilot alone is as effective as an entire ISAF Squadron. This pilot is only known as Mobius One.

ISAF GHQ decided to send Mobius One and an E-767 known as AWACS Sky Eye, who was in direct support of every mission Mobius One had been on. As “Free Erusea” had began to attack ISAF Forces and spread from Erusian Borders, the two were sent up to each ‘Hot-Spot’, engaged and destroyed the Free Erusian Forces. This Operation was known as "Operation: Katina".

During the conflict, the Free Erusian Force was destroyed, new Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle technology was found and an unknown force of Eight X-02 Wyverns, were shot down. The new Erusian Government was established, and the ISAF pulled out of Erusea. Operation Katina lasted for only a month or so, and ended in 2006; the same year it began.

The Usean Government was now stabilized and economic growth began. The Neo-United Nations saw the stability in which Usea had presented and set-up their Headquarters there. An extended period of Peace spanning decades had begun and the Usean Government continued to operate normally. However, everything would change as a new world era would begin.

A New Era (2007 - 2032) Edit


Continent flag

The world enters a new era of history; the world’s technologies advance and civilization becomes even more reliant on computers and other technologies. Companies which produce, distribute and develop technology gain a strong stance in the world market. Soon, two major corporations would rise above the rest and spread across the globe, becoming economic rivals. These companies are General Resource LTD and Neucom Inc.

Neucom Inc expanded its research and purchased the Riass Space Center in the Comona Islands, turning it into a Neucom Space Research Facility and Airbase. They began developing space and communications technologies, eventually becoming the leading technology experts on the Usean continent and spreading their business worldwide. They also began to take a step into civil and military aviation, introducing new ‘radical’ designs which would re-write aviation design.[citation needed]General Resource LTD concentrated on military technologies, such as operating systems, aircraft, naval craft, assault vehicles and weaponry. General Resource focused on more practical aviation designs and technologies, rather than the untested, radical designs of their Neucom counterparts for there own military while designs that radical and exceeded neucom technolgy designs where given to their sponsors: Osea, Yuktobania, and other allied alliance nations. These more modified exiting designs which the designs where allowed to use in there security force and sellers that where not part allied alliance by their sponsors in Osea, Yuktobania and the other Allied nations. These were intended to be mass-produced and modified by Osean and Yuktobanian companies to ensure economic stability. The contracts under which these technologies were developed specified that they could not be employed in General Resource's own security force until such modifications had been made and they where forrbidon to use the technolgy and designs that surpassed neucoms that where made for allied alliance nations military's . In a relatively short period of time General Resource had spread into the global market and begun to rival Neucom Inc on every front.

However, General Resource did hit a small snag in their growth. In 2032, a faction of the General Resource Defense Force began attacking facilities which belonged to the United Air Defense. After a brief conflict, the General Resource faction was defeated and after an investigation, the leaders of this group were brought to justice; it was believed that the leaders were Belkan. Because of this short conflict, General Resource’s global business had fallen behind Neucom in certain fields. They caught up quickly however, developing programs such as the Data Swallow and PEEK-A-Boom. Their business once again rivaled that of Neucom Inc. Soon enough, they were given the opportunity to set up a branch on the Usean Continent.

Paper Tigers (2033 - 2040) Edit

Seeing General Resource’s expansion into their own territory, Neucom Inc saw it fit to keep their home customers’ business. A Series of Business Campaigns against General Resource, putting down their service by rehashing past events in which they were a part of. General Resource was naturally not pleased with this, but simply ignored Neucom’s multiple smear Campaigns and carried on business on the Continent.

By 2037, the Usean Government had lost so much political and economic power, it was decided that their government was no longer as effective as it was decades ago. In a sense, it had became a shadow of its former self. The Usean Government decided to change the country’s name to the ‘United States of Euro-Asia’. With this, the ISAF had also fallen apart and many old Alliances had simply fallen apart due to the powers of International Corporations. Neucom Inc. and General Resource LTD’s rivalry then began to take turns for the worst as these simple smear campaigns began to evolve into indirect threats and small-scale cyber sabotage. This caught the attention of the Neo-United Nations, who then called in the leader of both companies to hold talks, in hope of a peace. All conflicts were to be avoided at all costs.

While a temporary treaty was set, it did not last long. During this time, Neucom Inc. had announced it would create Mega Float, a sea faring city, their R-Aircraft line had become widely acclaimed mostly world wide accept Osea and Yuktobania and allied alliance nations which had aerospace fighters and aerospace warships and combat mechs and research by both the companies research on Nano-Machines had taken the Continent by storm. However General Resource’s new combat technologies, retrofitted Aircraft and Operating systems which made accessing the Electrosphere even easier

This period ends with Mega Float’s official construction in 2039. At the end of this year, General Resource and Neucom’s rivalry and attempts to out do one another result in the ITTC being bought by GR and expanding its services to include Video feed, the Data Swallow and Peek-A-BOOM systems being developed and optimizing the Electrosphere’s overall capabilities and usefulness, making it the #1 source for any and all information, new space Technologies and Nano Technologies made in Neucom Facilities and an overall leap in modern day Technology. However, eventually, only one could be on top.

Nemo programEdit

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Strangereal AC04

Strangereal in Ace Combat 04 development

  • Prior to Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, the Usean continent was considered to be a part of our real world. Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies development artwork shows that "Strangereal" used to be much more similar to our world, with Usea situated in the Pacific Ocean. Ace Combat 5 was the first game to create an entirely unique world, and all prior games have since been retconned to take place in Strangereal.
  • Usea is the only continent in Strangereal to feature characters voiced with English accents.
  • Out of all of the Strangereal continents, Usea is the most frequently used in Ace Combat games. It was the main setting for the first four games in the series, and made appearances in many other games afterward.


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