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For the continent on Strangereal, see Usea.

The USEA Federation, typically referred to as simply USEA, is a federation on the Eurasian continent. It was formed in 2019 by the terrorist organization Sons of Troia as a response to the United Nations' supposed mishandling of world affairs following the Ulysses Disaster.


The seeds for the USEA Federation was sowed during the period between the Ulysses Disaster and the emergence of the Sons of Troia, a terrorist organization.

Kacper Cohen announced his proclamation, forming the country that encompasses the entire Eurasian continent, mirroring to that of the Mongol Empire. They launched attacks around its neighboring countries, however, their attacks were foiled during Operation Override by the UN Forces.

They seized the Avalon Dam, Russia, only to be destroyed. They attempted to drag the United States of America into the middle of their war against the UN Forces during Operation Point Blanc.

Deciding that they need to strike a decision blow, USEA sent their air squadrons, supported by Camilla's unmanned aircraft; QFA-44 Carmilla and her ten MQ-90L Quox drones into Area B7R, Nevada during Operation Battle Axe.

In September 2020, UN Forces, despite staggering losses due to the converted Orbital Laser Defense System's meteor attacks, managed to make a foothold into USEA territory in the Croatian Adriatic Sea during Operation Bunker Shot.


The USEA Federation's military power is massive due to support by various countries on the continent that are either near or a part of the federation. However, any form of organization between different military branches of USEA's forces is not evident; for example, it is not known if they have a specific military branch dedicated to their naval forces. Little evidence has been shown to suggest either a case of organization or a case of disorganization.


USEA's ground forces consists of various tanks, anti-aircraft artillery, and a few specialized units. These include:


USEA's aerial power is massive, encompassing all kinds of aircraft from powerful fighters to heavy command cruisers. They are most notable for being in possession of MQ-90Ls, a modified laser-equipped variant of the MQ-90 Quox drone. MQ-90Ls have a deadly program that allow them to track pilots' helmets and kill them using their lasers; Slash of Ridgeback Squadron is the first known victim to this attack. They also have multiple QFA-44s, which are loaded with the Camilla program and lead groups of MQ-90Ls in battle.

In addition, USEA is known to have multiple Aigaion-class heavy command cruisers. At least four different models are known to exist, and they are sometimes supported by Gyges-class and Kottos-class aerial warships as well. They managed to capture the Orbital Laser Defense System that Wernher and Noah Enterprises have built.

A full inventory of all known USEA craft is as follows:


USEA's naval power is considered to be the weakest of their forces. However, it is still quite formidable; they are in possession of multiple cruisers, destroyers, and AEGIS-class vessels. They are also known to have at least one aircraft carrier as well as Scinfaxi-class submarines. They are also known to employ numerous hovercraft and amphibious assault ships.


  • USEA's flag is notably a "dark" variant of the flag of Osea.
  • The shape of the land occupied by the USEA Federation is similar to the shape of the Strangereal Continent Usea.
  • In the cutscene prior to mission Far Eastern Front, USEA is being briefly compared with Mongol Empire.
  • In the video-game Call of Duty: Ghosts, there is a faction that is also named "Federation". Its flag is similar with USEA Federation's flag, with similar colours and arrangement of stars.

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