OK, so I have been wonder out of all the music of ace combat and all OSTs I have decided which one you think is the best (OR you cannot pick favorites and have to vote all :D) Any way, So it comes down to this Angus Dei Vs Zero Vs The Unsung War Vs Chandeiler which one you like the most on a scale from one to 10. No, that will be redundant put songs into a list from most favorite to least favorite.

For me Zero is my winner because I do like Flamenco music, but it perfectly sets the mood of battle it never decreases in epicness. Even on the low part, the high engertic and vocal make you think its a showdown even if have not played the game. It is not as long as the other three but it still makes it up for the instruments. This song makes you feel like a Badass.ZERO

Second is Chandeilier, because, I it is a true mechonly song and fits the mood closely and provideds a since of despreation to protect your captial from true destruction. With the help of the montone voice controller and size of the Chandelier itself. It makes you feel like a Savior to the people. Chandelier

Third is Angus Dei and Unsung War as for those two there pretty close mostly a very epic latin vocal choir but incredabliy long and long songs don't go well with me. But, that does not me I dislike them both of them are THIRD from ALL of the ost I heard from Call of Duty to YS Orgin to Ace combat. Hundreds of songs I could have pick from I choose these two as my Third. Both are respectalbely epic and they both make you feel like Legend. Unsung War Angus dei. These links provide a covient link to the respective video.

Joining fourth with is Mrs Krista Yoslav (Yeah great creativity there). This piece is unique from the rest, because it is almost ALL lyrical. While, provided by SlyCooperFan1, said that Chandelier is near all lyrical, but you still hear its instruments. This piece is more like a harmonus ZERO as two very opposite aces. One trying to protect the White House from destruction that is Bishop, while Akula is trying to get revenge on America for his wife's death. Hence the title name. While it does not fit in with the classics it does have epicness. Dodging those backwards firing 6AAM anyone? I thought it was Krista singing while Akula and Bishop battling it out literally for the white house.

WARING: do NOT play two songs or more at the same time as it will make your head explode.

NOW! :3

I like to see yours if you care to post them up 3


In Alphabetaical Order

Oversized drumroll victory theme song used by the German army today. :D

Angus Dei- 1.5


Mrs. Krista Yoslav- .5

Unsung War-2



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