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Aerial Fortress mode

DO YOU EVER WANT TO FLY THOSE AERIAL FORTRESSES like Arkbird, XB-0 The Air Fortress, Aigaion etc.? If Namdai puts a mode where two teams have to defend their "Aerial fortess" and two other teams must destroy it. The Aerial Fortresses can be selected via a special menu the person is competetly by chance who gets to flies one. The respective music will be loaded. The person who flies Aerial fortress can only use its speical weapon only while the minor defenses are C.P.U. controlled. The player has complete control over the plane. Two teams have to defend the Aerial Fortress till it reaches their emeny's H.Q. which is across the map slanted-wise each aerial fortress has one attack one special option (The Glenphir has two attacks). All Fortresses can act as "Crushing agent" where as if the falling fortress crushes onto the H.Q. it will still destroy it.




The Spaceborne Fortress of AC5 This fortress boasts the fastest speed but lowest attack, but most accurate attacks thanks to its laser.


One Huge laser

Counter Manauver: Orbital Takeoff. Allows Arkbird to go orbital and still attack. Cannot be hurt. Cannot engage if it has 80 percent health left, but gains a boost in turning. It has a glide mode where it takes 100 percent damage it will glide. Distance varies on angle speed and altitdude.

How to unlock this Aerial fortress; Win one Aerial Fortress battle.


The Heavy Command Cruiser of AC6 this fortress is on par with the Glenphir in damage. The slowest of all fortress but most armored.


Nimbus Missles

Counter Manuver: Deploy Strigon team only once you can do it Aigaion will deploy Strigon team to stave off incoming aircraft. Its glide mode is second shortest. but for obivous reasons does most splash damage.

How to unlock this Aerial Fortress; Lose three Aerial Fortress matches.

Spiridus Laser Cannon

Spiridus and Orgoi

By far the most agile of all. Other than that pretty standard in all regions except defense


The Balaur Railgun

Counter Manuver; Conuter Manuver for extremely obvious reasons. Glide mode is zero (moslty cause you probably doing a cobra while getting destroyed)

Unlock Method; Destroy 20 aircraft with you main attack.


The Aerial Fortress of ACX; The most offensive Aerial Fortress you can get with TWO attacks both are fired at the player's choosing the Shock Cannon is neede destroy the H.Q., but the SWBM does a great amount of aerial damage.


The Shock Cannon and the SWBM.

Counter Measures; That D.O.S. Cannot use if Glenphir is damaged over 70%

Unlock Method; Win 10 times in Aerial Fortress mode. Its crushing agent is formidable if it can get in a good gliding postion

The Airborne Fortress.

Air Combat - Airborne Fortress

The... Of Air combat their is nothing special about this one and has only a weak main attack. Below Average in all areas.


Missile Barrage.

Counter Measures; Hope and Pray they don't find you. No Glide or Crushing Agent as this "Fortress" will explode harmlessly in the air.

Unlock method; Already ready to fly.

XB-0 Hresvelgr Wallpaper 1280x1024 Alt


I almost forgot this one. The Aerial Fortress of ACZ. This superheavy bomber is made for one thing BOMB THE CRAPLOAD OUT OF PEOPLE!. :D Anyway this is probably the second easiest to take down *Cough* only six engines then time for the cockpit. *Cough* But be not discoruage as this will get you Antares callsign in no time!.It has average stats.


Thousands of Bombs.

Countermeasures; Flare Spam. It gliding is probably the second farthest as it is in perfect postion. It Crushing Agent is one third of Aigaion's and Gliding is one half of Arkbird's.

Well I would fly the Arkbird anyday. :D

How to destroy Aerial Fortresses

If you play the respective game you will know how other than that you AWACS with brief you.

Happy Saturday or Sunday :D

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