The Republic of Emmeria Air Force 1st Air Division,45th Strike Fighter Squadron "Moon" was squadron in Emmeria force.They headquarter are in Gracemeria Air Force Base. They aircraft are F/A-18F Super Hornet (F/A-18S Stealth Hornet) and Su-33 Flanker-D


Bismo Himawan

he is the leader of the 1st Fight of Moon Squadron. Since he teenager, he liked fighter aircraft. when he joined the air force military training, He even had the rank of 1st lieutenant in 5 month.but he survive during Invasion of Gracemeria. after war,he worked as writer

Monica Wijaya

she is leader of the 2nd Flight of Moon Squadron.she is a amateur pilot in this squadron. because she not likes dead, she repair and the aircraft from fighter to stealth fighter. she joined in air force beacuse her brother was dead during patrol in San Loma. after war, she works as normal pilot

Marchellina Anjaya

Airman 1st Class Marchellina Anjaya is former leader of 2nd Air Wing,57th Fighter Unit. she is a good pilot. In fact she managed to destroy a squadron in just 10 minutes.after Operation Free Gracemeria, she joined in 2nd Flight of Moon Squadron. Because one of member Moon Squadron has been Killed In Action. Aircraft of her former squadron is a F-16C Fighting Falcon

David Saptatiansyah

Aircraft of Moon Squadron

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