• Cobra 1(ES)

    Hi everyone!

    October 18, 2010 by Cobra 1(ES)

    Hey guys! I'm Cobra 1! I'm new to Acepedia, but not the ACS scene. I've been a member of the Lancers for about 1 year now, and a member of ACS for 1 and a half.

    Ok, enough with this happy icebreaker BS. I got banned from ACS because Sinner lacks common sense, but i'll talk more about that later in another blog post. I'm Cobra 1 on Electrosphere, which I just recently joined, and a member on The Lancers HQ, which i've been for about 1 year. I was here when the gigantic schism happened that Rev made, I am very good friends with Kilel6, who back then despised the Belkans, and I'm am a member of multiple forums, one of which I'm not allowed to name. Those who are a part of it will know why.

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