Demons of Hræsvelgr

aka "Specter 4"

  • I live in Avalon Dam region, Mund, Northern Belka
  • I was born on June 7
  • My occupation is 4th member of "Specter" Squadron
  • I am Male
  • Demons of Hræsvelgr

    I was just looking through the Acepedia pictures to find an upload of a picture of Goodfellow from Ace Combat Infinity. Now, I wouldn't be bringing this up as people who have vision problems and need to wear glasses aren't allowed to fly fighter aircraft (well, I think that is the law anyway. Comment below if I am wrong) which would make his glasses non-perscription. Also that scarf and hair style doesn't help him either. (Oh, and If you haven't noticed, this is a humor blog and I found this really funny.) So, is Goodfellow a hipster? Place your suggestions below.

    And keep flying hipsters, I mean, Aces XD

    (Oh, and here is a link to the [GoodFellow] page. If you have any information on him, why don't you tap away on your keyboard and help the…

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  • Demons of Hræsvelgr

    So I haven't posted for a while with all the new Infinity news keeping me from doing so, and along with many other people, have found Ridgeback Squadron to be quite mysterious. I mean from looking at what they fly and the limited view and dialogue we have with them leads us to believe that they are some sort of ace mercenary. (Well obviously XP) But are they really as they seem? Are they really just another squadron searching for kills in return for money, or do they have some sort of personal ideals they have in place? Please, feel free to discuss below.

    Keep flying aces, Infinity is near! (Or so "they" say)

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  • Demons of Hræsvelgr

    What a month! Going from small cryptic messages, all the way to a teaser video that left us with more questions than answers. But don't let me get in your way, what has excited you the most over the last month in terms of the teasing? 

    For me, it is the fact we might be getting Aigaion and Stonehenge in the exact same game as eachother!

    Oh, and just a reminder to anyone who hasn't been updated, a new teaser should be coming out 19 hours after this post, so you might want to leave your answer until after the next reveal. But as always, keep flying aces!

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  • Demons of Hræsvelgr

    So, if you haven't been looking on the link ( then you should ....right now! For the last few days, ever so slowly, the background of the page and the actual words themselves have taken on a change. Not change of words, but.... just look and you'll understand, okay? :P Anyway, keep excited guys, and as always, keep flying aces!

    ( For all up to date news by several of the pages most trusted editors go to this link- [Unnamed Project Aces Game] )

    Oh and another thing. A mobius (or mobius strip I think it is called) is a strip that goes on infinitely by the way both ends of the strip conects, making it also so both the back side and front side of the paper are connected. This is where you also get the inf…

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  • Demons of Hræsvelgr


    July 12, 2013 by Demons of Hræsvelgr

    I know this might be far fetched, I know it is far fetched, but with the quote "That day our sky fell, the heavens split to create new skies" is a reference to the S.O.L.G. being destroyed and the massive explosion created making "the heavens split". I know it is unlikely but I wanted to put it out there. Could we see a part 2 of the Ace Combat 5 saga?

    (I posted this at 3am mind you, so I probably wasn't thinking straight :p)

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