Ok, so I put up a post to see if you guys wanted to do a competition using previous Ace Combat titles and there seemed to be some interest so I have decided to do one to see if it does work out.

The first challenge will be on the mission Escort on Ace Combat: Shattered Skies. In this challenge the aircraft you are restricted to is the F-15C with special weapons restricted to the XMAA. You are to set the fastest time that you can by completing the mission objective.


1. Use the aircraft that is in the description above as well as that specific special weapon.

2. Don't select a different aircraft from what has been chosen. 

3. I will be personally be doing the missions myself and will do time checks. If your time doesn't look legit for that aircraft, you will be disqualified.

4. Post your time in the comments below. (I'll be competing as well and will have a rough idea on the minium time possible, so I'll know if you are cheating)

Mission Requirements
Aircraft                           - F-15C             
SP Weapon Restrictions - XMAA

Place your results in the comments below and most of all, have fun aces.

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