Okay, so the last one was a bit of a dogs breakfast, and sorry on my part for not organising it properly, but here I am again with a more refined version of "Aces Challenge". Yes, I know, what a cliche name, but the main thing is that you have fun.......with rediculously nerfed aircraft of my choosing. But anyway, here is the challenge and challenge rules.

This week we will be taking our selves to the mission "Four Horsemen" on Ace Combat: The Unsung War. For this mission, you have to complete the mission in the fastest time possible, but all mission critical and non-mission critical targets need to be destroyed for your time to be counted. The aircraft used for this mission will be the F-117 A Nighthawk, and since there is no other choice in weapons for the aircraft then I guess the Guided Bombs are your only bet for a fast time. This will again be a "Fastest Time Challenge" but with a twist, you will have to get a score of 20,930 (That is including S-rank) for your time to be accepted. Now for this challenge, I will be putting in a few more rules in below to create a more balanced game experience.

So, for the rules:

1: Only use the aircraft and weapons listed (Well for this one you won't have to worry)

2: For your result to be allowed you will now have to screen shot the final result on the "Mission Debriefing" screen.

3: You can place up to 3 of your results, and on the deadline day your fastest time will be recorded.

4: Difficulty: Normal or above

Mission Requirements
Aircraft:                F-117A
Weapon:              (Can't Change)
Min. Points:          20,930 (Including S-rank)
Challenge type:   Timed/Points

Ok, so that is the challenge. Place your results in the comments below and, as always, have fun aces.

Challenge Close: 07/08/2013

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