So, if you haven't been looking on the link ( then you should ....right now! For the last few days, ever so slowly, the background of the page and the actual words themselves have taken on a change. Not change of words, but.... just look and you'll understand, okay? :P Anyway, keep excited guys, and as always, keep flying aces!

( For all up to date news by several of the pages most trusted editors go to this link- [Unnamed Project Aces Game] )

Oh and another thing. A mobius (or mobius strip I think it is called) is a strip that goes on infinitely by the way both ends of the strip conects, making it also so both the back side and front side of the paper are connected. This is where you also get the infinity symbol from, since it is an infinite loop of somewhat. Now, if we put into context with the new Ace Combat being called "INFINITY", it kinda makes sense it is a remake of Ace Combat 4.

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