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    aka Ace Combat series, emulation, and you. Hints and tips to get Ace Combat games running on emulators.

    Emulator used: any emulator of choice

    • Most PSX emulator won't have issue running the three PSX titles anyway.

    For Ace Combat 3, take a look at this [1]

    Emulator used: PCSX2 v1.5.0 dev build (aka the latest you can get)

    tl;dr Setup guide video by TugaAvenger [2]

    tl;dw details for each individual games:

    • Player plane texture and explosion effect can't be fixed (yet) in GSDX HW mode, use SW mode
    • Switch to SW mode (press F9) and go back to HW mode (press F9 again) during gameplay to fix the bugged sun effect
    • Set CRC Hack level to "Minimum (Debug)" to fix flickering/disappearing HUD in missions: Lifeline, Operation Bunker Shot (AC04), and Emancipation
    • U…

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