We have a word under our trusted leakers that Project Aces is currently developing an arcade flight sim-eque action game. This time however, it does not set in the real world or Strangereal. Instead it set in a parallel world of Magicery where the entire world depended on steam, spells and charms to power everyday life.

??? stage level song. Under the development title ACE COMBAT: MAGICA, it would feature witches and wizards casting white, dark magic as well as shooting muskets balls in aerial dogfights under a ongoing war between The Kingdom of Great Eutan and The Empire of Beda. The combat mechanics will feature normal long range dogfights like other Ace Combat titles as well as a polished version of the notorious Dogfight Mechanic (DFM) featured in Ace Combat: Assault Horison. It is promised that the game will focus on the player's prefered choice of enemy downs rather than mandatory DFM shootings like AH to suit both newly introduced AH fans and traditional AC fans.

According to our leaker, we also confirmed that there will be four characters involved in the campaign, each will be playable in single player or online co-op. One of which is Eutan witch, Rachel Suibome, a greenhorn in the Eutan Air Force station in the town of Fresia. She joined the military due to the unfortunate bombing run that led to her parents' death. The campaign will aim for the lengthiness of AC5 and the grand scale of AC6 married with squad based tatics of online co-op.

There will be of cource superweapons in the game. One of them in the drawing board is the Magical Driven Beam Monolith Defence System, an inspriation of a "steampunk with potent black magic" version of the Stonehenge. Also on the list was the Mega Artillery platform that makes the German Landkrewzer P 1500 tiny in comparison and a flying naval battleship engineered by a underground Beda nationalist.

The platform of releasing this game is still unknown but there's a word that Project Aces also developed a new x86 based engine called the "Pixy Engine". This might mean that it could be released in the Playstation 4, Xbox One or even PC.

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