General Wild Dog

aka とある古いハリネズミ

  • I live in Beijing
  • My occupation is An active editor of EVA Database (sort of)
  • I am Male
  • General Wild Dog

    Ever since the release of Assault Horizon, there is an ongoing debate among pilots of ACE Air Force: What an ACE Combat game should look like? Individuals with different opinions clash against each other, even sometimes resort in extreme prejudice. So what an ACE Combat game should look like? Everyone has a lot to express, I'm no exception. So here I am to describe an "ideal" ACE Combat game from my perspective.

    Since Namco's another fantastic video game franchise "Time Crisis" has two different sub-universes: Mainstream "Time Crisis" and spin-off "Crisis Zone", ACE Combat can also be divided into two sub-universes. "Canon" games take place in Strangereal Continuity, while other games take place in Earth Continuity. Two categories of games ha…

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  • General Wild Dog

    When Sonic the Hedgehog reached its anniversary of 20 years, SEGA Cooperation gave out a huge present to the world——Sonic Generations, as a summarization of what the franchise had achieved as well as a prospect into future. I couldn't help but wonder if there are Command & Conquer Generations, Wolfenstein Generations, Doom Generations, Quake Generations...what would they look like. Of course I also kept thinking about "ACE Combat Generations", so I hereby to humbly present my brief proposal of ACE Combat Generations, using Sonic Generations as an template and references.

    "After two decades, still aiming for even higher!"

    ——My slogan for ACE Combat Generations

    Since Sonic Generations is released as two separate software types, one is for mains…

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  • General Wild Dog

    When we are talking about "Usean Continental War", it can be referred as "Usean Rebellion" in ACE Combat 2, a.k.a. "First Usean Continental War", or "Usean Continental War" in ACE Combat 04 which was triggered by impact of Ulysses 1994XF04 Asteroid, a.k.a. "Second Usean Continental War", or both of them. In the narrowest sense, it only means "Second Usean Continental War". This war began in summer of 2003, as Federal Republic of Erusea, the military power resided in western region of Usean Continent, suddenly invaded and occupied San Salvacion, a small, neutral state locaded in hinterland of continent, and the war concluded on September 19th 2005, as Federal Republic of Erusea surrendered to sign a treaty under coercion from its adversary. …

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  • General Wild Dog

    Every time I play ACE Combat, I feel that I'm processing a harem, every military hardware is a beautiful girl to me. That's what we call "the winner of life". So if every fighter transforms into a girl, or more precisely, a bishoujo, what will they look like? I'm searching references from my favorite Japanese cartoonists' drawings, maybe later I'll come up with my own opinions.

    So, mainstream superfighters (fictional aircraft) for starters.

    Since she is the very first superfighter in entire franchise, I always consider a traditional Japanese female, namely a Nadeshiko Yamato, is the best candicate for her “Moe/Bishoujo Anthropomorphism”. Therefore I choose Madoka Koumoto [1] from visual novel (galgame) "Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi (lit. Bridge …

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