Tournaments Ace Combat: Assualt Horrizont PS3 and clan of ace combat ace of aces. Given the recent proposals I thought about doing a tournament from 6 to 12 players in three phases: 1 phase-Deathmatch, all aircraft allowed(No DLC) and all weapons allowed. The best 4/6 passing to the second stage.  2 phase-Capital Conquest, two teams of 2 / 3 players, allowed only fighter and attaker (no DLC) and all weapons allowed. The winning team goes to the third phase. 3-phase the remaining 2/3 players will play in deathmatch, all aircraft allowed (even DLC) and all weapons allowed (except EML).The winner will enter the clan of the axes of the site, the first ace choose the name of the clan, I'll do as part of the clan as JUDGE of the tournament, that will watch the games and writing the results on the website. My name is AWACS Wareagle. At the end of a year will be made a tournement and the members of the clan will cillide in deathmatch, and the winner will be appointed ace of the year. SANCTIONS  Delays: after entering game the first player delay of 5 minutes, is removed a killing. Late to the game after 10 minutes, are removed two killings. In 15 minutes late, the player is eliminated. In the case of contravention of the rules of the game, the player is ejected from the game. During the game, I will use an EF-2000 with a special paint. I'll be at the side of the map away from the fighting. If anyone take me down, I reve to him a killing.

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