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  • Hellsverg

    I'm searching for some help to the spanish Acepedia, so, someone know if this emblem is canonical?


    Thank you very much!

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  • Hellsverg

    Heavy command cruiser

    November 2, 2013 by Hellsverg

    I think there is a mistake in this line of the article "Heavy command cruiser":

    "A similar aircraft was fielded by rebels waging an insurrection against the FCU in southern Usea in 1995."

    The article referenced to the Sky Fortress of the Air Combat. But the Air Combat terrorist's rebellion was set in the Republic of Kaluga, not in Usea, isn't it?

    I've made this user blog because i'm not sure what part of the information about the Air Combat plot is reliable, and if the Ace Combat Series has a canon for this kind of issues.

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