So, this has become a huge problem, now. I've called this out before but everyone here said there aren't any. There are.

Naval Team Deathmatch is going on now, and it's now blatantly clear that hackers are around. Missiles do not turn 180 degrees after being shot past you in order to hit you. 5 of the 8 games I've been in this event have had hackers, and of course, when I quit a broken lobby, the game punishes me by saying "hey, you left a game full of hackers! Now you can't play anymore". What a great system in place. The game has zero control over hackers under any circumstances. They just didn't care. They released a notification saying "please stop" to all the hackers and boosters of the game, and that's literally it. Yeah, a whole lot of good that did.

I don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but for some reason it's become hugely apparent in this event. I can't play the game now since I'm being punished for leaving a broken lobby, because the game has no anti-hacker measures at all, and it never will.

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