So, I've been playing Infinity for about... uhm... over a year. Since I think April of last year, it says. I love the game to bits. It's one of my favorite games, I play it basically every damn day, it's great, and you should totally get it.


There are some things about the game that piss me off to no end, so I'm going to complain about them here, because I like to complain and annoy everyone with my complaining until my grievances are addressed. Because I have no life and can't find anything positive in anything.


Kind of a personal thing rather than an objective thing, but where the hell is my good campaign? Ace Combat games have ALWAYS had amazing campaign stories that are like 30 missions long, but not here! Oh, no, you get a full 8 campaign missions, jam-packed with 5 minutes of content each! I know they had to butcher the normal formula of games to satisfy their Namcai Bando overlords and hash out a F2P game, but, like, you can't give us expansions to the story? It's been two years. I was really looking forward to an amazing single player experience from this game. Unfortunately, that isn't what I got, and it's disappointing. Another example of a game murdering it's single player for the sake of multiplayer. I'm sad.


I don't know if everyone else has come across this, but for some reason enemy aces, like the T-50 guys or everyone in an enemy ace squadron on the mission alerts... they're completely broken. Like, completely. It usually just devolves into circling at stall speed around and around and around for about 15 minutes because they don't have a stall function and are basically hovering turrets that will ALWAYS stay behind you and it's IMPOSSIBLE to shake them off. Like, I have a plane with S+ speed and S++ handling and it's STILL like this. Your only hope in the story mode is to wait for them to do their pre-programmed fly ahead of you move, or in co-op, wait for your allies to shoot at them for you, because guess what, they will NEVER get off you in co-op, literally ever! I didn't know I was playing HAWX 2. I also have a problem with their programmed to the fire button dodge maneuver that makes them nearly impossible to hit even with maxed out homing. I can't be completely terrible at the game, I don't think.


Okay, this one is total garbage. I don't know why they thought it was nice to give kill points for an enemy I CLEARLY SHOT DOWN to a rival flight that's not even in my section of the map and indeed not even aiming at the guy I'm shooting. This happens a LOT. I don't know if it's lag or what, but I watch my missiles hit the guy dead-on and blow him up, then it says "DESTROYED BY Xx_sN1P3R1337z0Rz_xX". No. He wasn't. He was shot down by me, I friggin saw it, I watched my missiles fly right into his stupid face and watched as he exploded into a million tiny pieces miles away from home and the warmth of his family never to see them again. I SAW THAT HAPPEN.


So this one is SUPER personal, since everyone disagrees with me. Project ACES have acknowledged fully that there are hackers in the game by sending a friendly message in the game that said "please stop", since they don't have any anti-hacking measures in the game. Didn't work. Though people tell me it's laggy internet, which it could be at some points. But, come on, a missile being shot past me when I'm pulling a Cipher/Pixy to turn aroud 180 and still hit me and kill me when I'm on a high-G turn? NORMAL missiles, I might add, not QAAMs, the Shiva of the skies. I'm willing to believe that some of it is lag and other dumb stuff I have to deal with for not being able to hook up my internet to an ethernet port what which smart people do, but I'm reading full bars on the lobby, so, like it CAN'T be just my internet bugging out, right? I'm of the belief that some of it is lag and crap, while some is in fact hackers, since I've had some ridiculous experiences that just can't be explained by a buggy internet connection.


Screw these things. GIVE US THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FOR SORTIE FUEL OR YOU'LL NEVER GET ANYTHING COOL. I absolutely despise the tournament system in this game. You have to be ridiculously high ranked in order to get anything halfway decent from them, and the only way to do that is to boost up to beat the other people who boost up. They added the skilled pilot medal system in to alleviate that, but GUESS WHAT. You still need to be placed super high to get anything more than like 3 friggin medals! And the highest cost items cost 1000! A frikkin THOUSAND. That's total garbage. I would really like for a chance to get something cool, like Mobius 1's Raptor or ZOE's Falken, but I'm never going to, because I play the game for fun, and don't have money to shovel into the game to boost my scores. Damn broken system...


This has happened a few times. I'm a level, like, 1950 score on the online co-op missions, since it's pretty much impossible to breach 2000 in this game, no matte how good I do. So why am I being paired up with level 2600s? Really? Do you have no kind of matchmaking system at all? I mean, I can't rank up at all if you pair me with people who I'm GOING to lose against, no matter what I do. I have to reset the matchmaking lobby like 50 times every time I play just to find a game that's at my own level. It's dumb. You're dumb.


What I'm going to coin "Vanity Planes" (trademarked, copyright, rights reserved), are planes that cost an absolutely ludicrous amount of cash to buy and upgrade, and by that account, are worthless in every regard. A level 2 Wyvern will kick the hell out of a stock Fenrir, and is significantly easier to upgrade. Why do they cost so much? Oh, because they look cool. That's it. They're little porcelain trinkets, completely worthless and only meant to look nice on your shelf. No use in combat, but OH, LOOK HOW COOL IT IS. I've come to expect that whenever I see a Fenrir or an XFA-27 or a Night Raven on the rival flight, my team has won, because chances are they're level 1 or 2 at most, and are completely worthless compares to the level 9 Raptors or F-35Bs or Wyverns of my flight. Stupid, stupid.


This should've been higher on the list, but I had a few things more pressing on my mind first. The stupid damn sortie fuel system. This just proves that it really is just a fee to pay game, despite Project ACES' obvious attempt to make the game amazing. This absolutely butchers the experience. WANT TO PLAY THE GAME? GIVE US MONEY! Oh, don't want to do that? Wait 12 HOURS for your sortie fuel to come back! That's what you get for wanting to play this game. And why the god damn hell is sortie fuel required for CAMPAIGN MISSIONS? Not even co-op. CAMPAIGN? Are you actually retarded, Bando Namcai (I call it Bando Namcai)? I grabbed the free-flight ticket first chance I got because 1. free flight, hell yes, and 2. SCREW THAT!


I think that's about all I got for gripes. That being said, as stated, I love the game to tiny little bits, it's great, I could just eat it up, nyam, nyam, nyam, nyam. But it could also be WAY better in some areas than what it is now. As in, like, about 8 or so areas, give or take.

Okay, I'm done complaining, so feel free to yell at me about how I should "JUST ENJOY THE GAME" or "STOP BEING SO NEGATIVE ABOUT EVERYTHING". No. I won't. It's fun.

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