• Kvant 1

    It just seemed like a good idea to have others get to know me better...not physically though.

    I meant that this is a page where you can ask questions about me or my work here, and I will do my best to respond to them ASAP.

    The golden rule is: Keep the questions appropriate!

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  • Kvant 1

    I am here, now to discuss this battle of the best of AC4, AC5, AC Zero, and AC6. Razgriz 1 "Blaze", Galm 1 "Cipher", Garuda 1 "Talisman", and Mobius 1 "Ribbon".

    What if they faced of in a fatal 4-way death match, supposing they were all alive to see each other, who do you think would win?

    Let's just assume that all of them are flying a CFA-44A "Nosferatu" over airspace B7R, who would win?

    To get an idea, we must find out their abilities, talents, lacks, and defeated rivals.

    What if there was an even better ace to come in Ace Combat 7?

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