Larry Foulke "A Brother In Arms"

aka Larry Foulke

  • I live in Nowhere in particular.. just were the fighting is...
  • I was born on January 11
  • My occupation is ISAF merc.
  • I am male
  • Larry Foulke "A Brother In Arms"

    If anyone wants to read a lenthy and well writen and beefy millitary history eseay on the Usean Contental war, please go to

    Trust me, you wont be dissapointed.

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  • Larry Foulke "A Brother In Arms"

    Ok, its done, and im happy with it. So please please read it. Its IS a mouthful but i would appreciate it if someone read and edited it. Thank you. A link to the page on this wiki is here as it is in the Wiki activity page.

    The Usean Continental war of 2004

    Part 1: Introduction to this Military History Essay of The Usean Continental war. AC4 is the most praised game of the series for featuring what many considered the most finely tuned combat model of the series. Others praised the game for its narrative, which was presented in a simple and interesting fashion. Finally, others have praised the game for its sensibility. Few have taken the time to look beneath the game’s face wi…

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  • Larry Foulke "A Brother In Arms"

    Just so everybody who cares, knows, that thorough most this week, i will be pollishing up a historical timeline of events, relative strengths of ISAF & Eurisan Forces, and other important points within context of how major operations went, why they were undertaken, adn give a little insight into how the Eurisan and ISAF high comand really felt. This is somthing that the player cant really feel, and am hoping that readers will appreciate this.

    That is all.

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