Please note these guidelines haven't been ratified yet by the Administrators and are still in the process of been improved upon.

This page is to refer to the guidelines for Acepedia, the Ace Combat Wiki. If any problem occurs, please refer to this page for the correct solution, and if the page cannot satisfy those conditions, please contact one of the Administrators.


  • Spoilers in general are not allowed, but there are few exceptions.
  • PLOT spoilers are not allowed on ANY page.
  • Continuing to repeatedly spoil an important plot section will have you temporarily banned, and if it still keeps up, it will become permanent.

Images/videos/Other Media:

  • Do not upload extremely or partly cropped images, unless the point was to convey and focus more on a SPECIFIC part of the image itself.
  • Do NOT post/upload/link offensive material to any form of page.
  • You are allowed to post/upload/link any image/video(s) on your OWN user page, as long as it does not offend any one.
  • Do NOT post/upload/link Fan Art of characters or aircraft (or any other thing for that matter) on the articles, and also do NOT use your own page to justify a means to do so as well, (Although it is fine to post links of certain fan art and self-created pieces eg; Deviant ART Gallery's).
  • Screenshots of the games are allowed in said articles, but please try to limit how many you add.
  • We only allow Official Artwork of characters, aircraft (or any other thing for that matter) which includes, but is not limited to: Ace Combat Walkthroughs/FAQ's Guides, Visual Guide Books, Manga (Color if possible), Screenshots (only of the games) and Artwork by official Namco Bandai/Project ACES/Access Games artists/sources.
  • Please upload images/videos in the correct place, and if you are not sure, ask the Adminstrators or other users and they will try to assist you.
  • Do not upload watermarked, low quality, or photoshopped images, you are encouraged to find the original or alternative.
  • Please apply the correct copyright signature (eg; public domain, proprietary of NBG/PA/AG etc..) to the media in question.


  • When editing a page, please do so in a in-universe manner.
  • Please make sure you follow correct grammar and spelling rules.
  • Follow the correct format of pages you create, as it makes it easier for others to follow.
  • If there is any grammatical or spelling errors, feel free to fix them.
  • Do not pointlessly edit a page when there is no need to do so.
  • When creating a new page, images pertaining to that page are encouraged, if you are able to obtain any.
  • Do NOT spam, or otherwise vandalize any page, doing so will get you immediately banned and blacklisted.
  • Do NOT try make pointless edits in order to get an Achievement, in which you will be banned.

Social Interaction

  • It is encouraged, but do not take your emotions too far, and do not offend anyone in an extreme manner.
  • The ADMINISTRATORS do NOT take sides in any arguement, and seek to be the mediators in the situation to help solve it.
  • Harassing repeatedly of any kind will get you or others a temporary ban, although it is to be understood that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however it need not be voiced in an insulting or bullying manner.

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