• NineZeroZeroOne

    Tokyo Liberation:

    On Tokyo Liberation, the two main battlefronts are the main air and naval forces out over the south bay, and the ground/air force over the north city downtown. A good distribution of pilots is two per front. 

    Distribution of Roles:

    -Air Superiority over the North City: Fly a fast fighter with 4AAMs. This fighter needs to be able to reach the north quickly, as the Rafale Ms are prime targets worth 1000 points each and tend to get focused down pretty swiftly.

    -Air Superiority over the South Bay: Fly a fighter with 4AAMs. Focus fire the F-14s and MiG-29s first, as they’re worth the most.

    -Air to Ground over the North City: This plane should be fast for its type. An A-10 with a top speed and acceleration boost equipped is optimal.…

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